November 1995
IVy 24

Another Look at Basics - #5

The Goal of Auditing 1

By Frank Gordon, USA

Sometimes it is helpful, when one is carrying out a complex or lengthy task, to review briefly what one is trying to accomplish. This is especially true of auditing or any similar helping action.

A thetan in good shape can be cause. When he looks at something in the bank, it becomes the effect and he says, "I can do something about this." The auditor wants this to happen. He wants to free up any encysted initiative and get the pc into self-determined action. He actually dares the pc to become overtly alive.

A description of the "Cat process" is given in Intro & Demo Processes & Assists, p. 123-4. It consists of encouraging a sick or neurotic cat (or pet) to reach and then retreating from this until the pet becomes overtly self-confident. This description can be re-written to align with the goals of auditing given above:

"Pcs are processed by building up in them the belief that they are capable of handling something. A pc is given a mild challenge. The moment he takes the faintest action to handle this, the auditor encourages him unobtrusively. The pc is led more and more to handle this challenge on a gradient scale, until he is very cocky and confident about his ability to do so. Neurotic or depressed pcs will alter their social behaviour and will become well if this process is followed."

The key indicator appears when "The cat sees the mouse." The pc reaches, however slightly, his havingness (the concept of being able to reach and handle) comes up, he becomes cause and the bank becomes effect, he gets interested (attentive with the intention to do something about it) in his case (the sum total of by-passed charge), his confront comes up (the TA falls) and Itsa and self-determined action results.

Unless the pc sees his particular "mouse," however, this sequence doesn't even begin, no matter how many rote robotic routines are "run."

This expression accurately describes a person who has just recognized that he can do something about something. Comparable American expressions to this old Armenian expression are: "He pricked up his ears, sat up and took notice, or his eyes lit up." An ability to spot this indicator in its subtler forms is very useful for anyone who wishes to help another be come more self-determined2.

1. This article originally appeared in Uafhægige Synspunkter as "Katten så musen" (The Cat Saw the Mouse) in a slightly different form.

2. See Pre-Logic Ql: Self-determinism is the common denominator of all life impulses. (This implies that an increase of another's self-determinism makes them more alive, and that true auditing is designed to accomplish this).