November 1995
IVy 24

Background Notes 1Emblem

THE EMBLEM which we have adopted is a combination of two concepts.

The Greek letter theta (thay-ta) θ symbolises the 'spirit' or 'soul' and we use the term thetan (they-tun) when referring to an individual being.

The other symbol represents infinity or eternity. Together they portray the concept of the eternal thetan.

We distinguish between the thetan, the immortal thinking spirit, and the mortal physical body which the thetan occupies.

As thetans we have a compulsion to play games, some of which we take seriously. We also have a desire to communicate, which is why we hold our little get-togethers.

The reactive mind is the primitive, stimulus response mechanism which has evolved over time as a protection device for our fragile flesh and bones. Whilst developing a set of automatic pro-survival reactions the reactive mind has also accumulated an odd assortment of responses which diminish our ability to function effectively. Items in this 'Reactive Bank' are sometimes restimulated by a particular situation and the resultant subconscious reaction(s) may have a detrimental effect on our performance. If we can clean up this 'Bank' and reduce the effects of counter-productive reactions we regain some of our potential abilities.

The items in question are the sub-conscious memories of painful incidents and we call these aberrative items 'engrams'. Engrams are, literally, charged with emotion, although it is misplaced emotion or mis-emotion. They are dealt with 'in session' by recalling and inspecting them in such a manner that their effect is reduced or the charge is 'run out'. This is a very precise, skilful set of procedures performed within a strict code of conduct. The process is known as 'auditing', implying that it is primarily a listening process. More recently we have begun to use other, less confusing, terms such as facilitating or counselling to describe this work. Thus we get the terms 'auditor', facilitator' or 'counsellor'.

The whole field of study is often referred to as 'The Tech' which is our jargon for the technology involved in understanding the human mind and releasing the innate capabilities of the human spirit.

Many of us have a high regard for the work of the American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard and commonly quote his writings and ideas. Much of his original thinking was captured in a series of basic philosophical building blocks or axioms from which almost all of our techniques can be derived. They are usually referred to as 'The Axioms', which run in a numbered sequence, thus you may hear us refer to Axiom 25, for instance. There is also a set of Logics which are associated with the Axioms. Together they form 'The Axioms and Logics'.

Once a person has been released from the effects of their reactive mind we consider them to be 'clear', or free from the more aberrative aspects of their 'case'. The term case is used to describe the aberrative state of an individual. Thus we get the term 'P/C' or 'Pre-Clear', one who has not yet reached the state of clear.

Beyond the state of clear one strives to regain some of the original operational capabilities of the Thetan. This is a condition which we call 'OT' or 'Operating Thetan'. Everyone has these dormant 'OT Abilities' within them; we seek to regain them for ourselves and others. In his 'Native State' a thetan's abilities are only limited by his own ethics and considerations.

1Developed by a committee member to introduce a friend to the London conference (see IVy 22, page 29). It is now available for anyone to use as a basis for promotional or explanatory material. Ed.