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Volume Two


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Reality Design Essays 1-18

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Flemming Funch

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This is the second book of my essays.

I have split off in somewhat different directions at the same time, so therefore there are several series of issues here.

The "Technical Essays" are pre-supposing that the reader has a background in Scientology and are using much technical lingo without necessarily defining it. I write them mostly to sort and re-align my ideas about clearing.

The "Reality Design" essays come from a quite different angle. They more start out from the idea that if reality seems to be something that is created, how can we explore it, and how can we make it what we want it to be. That might seem an unfamiliar angle compared to the traditional viewpoint that we must get people through some kind of clearing program.

The "Basics Essays" are attempts of presenting simple philosophical basics in terms that regular folks might go along with. They don't necessarily examine any revolutionary new realizations or anything.

The "Incident Clearing" essays present some of what I know about the clearing of incidents. They are a little bit more instructional than the other essays. I wrote them to start collecting material for a course on incident clearing.

I chose to put these essays in chronological order even though they are written from different perspectives. If that makes it too confusing, you could read one type of essays at a time, instead of going through them in order.

Let me state again that these writings are essays. This is the dictionary definition:

What I write might or might not be useful. It might or might not teach you anything new. I write it mostly for my own satisfaction to clarify my thoughts and make room for new ones. I sometimes ramble on and change my mind in the process.

But anyway, if you are reading this book, you probably read the first one, and must therefore be willing to put up with it. I hope you will enjoy the contents of this book, and that it will make you think for yourself.

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