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Table of Contents


Last revision date: 6Jul91
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The purpose of this course

The purpose of this course is to give you the theory of Clearing Bio-feedback Meters and to teach you how to use one.



Table of Contents

  • The purpose of this course
  • Table of Contents
  • Checksheet
  • Theory Section
    • What is a CB-Meter
    • The History of the CB-Meter
    • Parts of the Meter
    • Resistance
    • How the Meter works
    • Types of Meters
    • Bio-feedback
    • Mental Mass
    • Pictures
    • Pinch Test
    • Sensitivity
    • Needle Actions
      • Inherent needle actions
      • Needle Reactions
    • The Floating Needle
    • Range Action
    • Instant Reactions
    • Why do things read
    • Steering
    • Esoteric Meter Uses
    • Sizes of Reads
    • Checking questions
    • Assessment
    • False Range
    • High Range
    • Low Range
    • Meter Limitation
    • Metered Word Clearing
    • Finding Truth
  • Skills Section
    • Meter Exercises
      • ME-1: Touch and let go
      • ME-2: Familiarization
      • ME-3: Setting up the meter
      • ME-4: Holding the cans
      • ME-5: Ensuring correct range position
      • ME-6: Sensitivity setting
      • ME-7: Moving the range knob
      • ME-8: Fluency in range positions
      • ME-9: Having the needle on the dial
      • ME-10: Noting down range setting
      • ME-11: Defining needle actions
      • ME-12: Body reactions
      • ME-13: What the needle is doing
      • ME-14: Producing needle reactions
      • ME-15: Cleaning a read
      • ME-16: Steering & cleaning a read
      • ME-17: Communication and dirty needles
      • ME-18: Instant reactions
      • ME-19: Checking if questions read
      • ME-20: Assessing and picking up reads
      • ME-21: Assessing and selecting best reads
      • ME-22: 2-way communication to pick up items
      • ME-23: Assessment by range action
      • ME-24: Wide viewing field
      • ME-25: Dating
  • Lists
    • General Questions
    • Statements
    • Subjects
      • Transportation
      • Fruits
  • Glossary

Preview - Manual
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