The OM Meter is manufactured in Moscow, Russia for Oleg Matveev. Oleg is a practitioner there. He has had access to many meter designs and has found this one to be the best one and thus it has been named with his initials and it is being sold through Oleg Matveev. Check his website for more info or email him directly:










1. TA Memory
(displays last 'Set' value)
2. TA Auto-set on/off
3. Manual TA knob
(controls needle on dial manually)
4. Pause TA Counter (switches TA Counter on/off)
5. Sensitivity Setting +/-
6. TA Position
(digital display)

7. Clock
(digital display)
8. TA Counter
(digital display)
9. Battery Indicator
(AA Alkaline batteries)
10.  Pause TA Counter
11. Clock Setting Buttons
12. On/Off Main switch


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