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Mindwalker 2

and Mindwalker 3


Mindwalker 2


Front view showing the dial, baseline position and counter displays and meter controls.

Side view showing the electrodes and serial connections.

The mindwalker 2 is a meter that is suited to both beginners, (lower cost and simplicity), and professionals who require a portable advanced instrument.

The mindwalker 2 fulfills the following requirements:

How to Order

The basic price is 300 GBP including delivery.

EU price 352.50 GBP inc tax.

Outside EU local taxes apply.

Solo or Duo electrodes are available, priced at 15 GBP each

For payment details and to order, email

For background information on the uses .

Visit for a typical application of the meter.

Data regarding the earlier model (mindwalker 1) is available here.



Mindwalker 3


Manufacture of the new Mindwalker 3 hardware is complete and orders are now being taken.

Mindwalker 3 Standard Features

USB or Serial Port interface, self powered (no batteries required)

Much improved smoother continuous graphical display (click here to download a demo)

Full technical specification available for 3rd party software developers

Built in radio receiver module -see below

Data recording directly to Excel

External trigger input (records the occurrence of an external event with the data file)

Size: 95 x 60 x 23mm (3.8 x 2.4 x 0.9")

Weight: 85gm (3oz)

Mindwalker 3 Options (in development)

Small wireless transmitter (about the size of a matchbox) for electrodes

Custom firmware upgrades to provide hardware integration with scientific data capture software such LabView

Fingertip electrodes (to complement the wireless transmitter)

Recording of data and voice to audio format such as Minidisc


Basic unit 280 or US $450.

Solo electrodes 15

Duo electrodes 15

Discount is available for previous C-meter clients (ask for details).

Payment by visa credit card or bank transfer.

Contacts us

Click here if you require further information or clarification.


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