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The Meter

(Including Church of Scientology's E-meters 
and a list of lesser known brands)

In order to do Free Solo Processing you will need a Meter. There are many kinds and marks and fabrications and prices. Below is a skematic drawing of a Meter. See also photos below.

The Meter measures electrical resistance (Ohms) via 2 hand held electrodes, also called cans. When you look in your Mind then the electrical resistance in your body will change depending on what you look at. These small changes can be seen on the Needle on the Meter. The changes are used to help finding and erasing unwanted things in your subconscious Mind. When getting nearer to heavy materials in the Mind the electrical resistance will normally increase, and then decrease as erasure is obtained.

The electrical resistance can be between about 500 Ohms up to about 1,000,000 Ohms. Normal range is 5000 Ohms for females and 12500 Ohms for males (with one electrode in each hand, a bit higher when both electrodes are held in one hand.) Dry, humid, or cold hands, light or hard grip on the electrodes of course also influence the resistance. Finding heavy material in the Mind can change the electrical resistance quite dramatically up and down.

For the technically interested is here a table of Tonearm positions and related Ohms values, and the voltage and current to the electrodes (1 micro Ampere = 0.000,001 A). It was measured on a Mark 6 Meter.

TA position Ohms Volt Micro Ampere

If you hold the electrodes in your hand, with the Needle at 'set' on the needle scale, if the Tonearm then points to 4.0 then your skin resistance is 26,700 Ohm, the Voltage difference between the two electrodes 2.45 Volt and the current passing through your hand is 0.000,092 Ampere (92 Micro Ampere). As it can be seen the current through the electrodes is very tiny.
At Sensitivity 32 and the Tonearm at 5.0: A drop in resistance from 62.000 Ohm to 60.700 Ohm gave a Needle fall of 1 inch. Or 51 Ohm per millimeter. It is more convenient to use the TA scale than the Ohm scale, 2 cifres instead of 3 to 6 cifres.

In order to solo you may need 4 things: 1. Getting a Meter. 2. Learn to use your Meter (Meter Course). 3. Learn to Solo (Solo Course). 4. Learning and doing for example what is here (the Free Solo Processing).

There are 3 ways to get a Meter:
1. Buy a new one (see below).
2. Buy a used Meter. If you can find one for sale some place.
3. Build your own Meter. See for example

Preferably you should get a Meter with a counter of the downward motion of resistance changes (so called TA Counter, Balance Counter, or Baseline Counter) as that gives a clue to how much you get erased in Solo. Hard physical evidence. Your choice. Meters without a TA counter are cheaper.

Meters I have been able to find on the Internet. Prices are approximately (July 2000). I don't know many of them so I don't guarantee anything. Find out for yourself. If I should choose one it would probably be Ability 2a or 3a. The Clarity Meter also appears to be a good choice (if you have the money). The pocket sized ones without TA-counter, and no real TA scale, and maybe too small Needle scale I won't recommend. The Scientology E-Meters I only recommend if you can get a used one cheap from someone outside. The rechargeable battery may need replacement. You might be able to do it yourself(?) A bit complicated if the battery has 3 wires as some has. Use correct number of cells and right polarity not to ruin the Meter.

Ability 2a Meter, 399 GBP

Ability 3a Automatic Meter, 499 GBP

Clarity Meter, 795 USD

Delta Meters, (prices ???)

Computer Meter, 325 GBP (excl. PC)
(Windows, serial com port)
Mindwalker, 306 GBP
(No TA counter)
Mark 5 E-meter, price ?
Mark 6 E-meter, 2,000 USD!?
(Scientology, too expensive)
Mark 7 E-meter, 4,000 USD!?
(Scientology, far too expensive)
Psicorder, hand held, 150 USD
(No TA scale and no counter)
Life Energy Meter, 100 USD
(No TA scale and no counter)
Hand held solo electrodes
(here aluminum, glued together)

Where to buy a Meter (there may be other places too): or (Clarity Meter, C-meter) (Clarity Meter, C-meter) (Computer Meter, C-meter) (Delta Meter) (Psicorder and Life Energy Meter? Seems to be related to Wilhelm Reich's Orgone experiments and meters, which is something else). 

To search the Internet for Meters use: E-meter, electropsykometer, GSR meter (galvanic skin response), etc.

If you have no electrodes, you can use ordinary tin cans, the small ones, aprox. 5-6 cm in diameter, but they get rusty after some months of use. Or else use aluminum cans (for spray), they last forever. Remove any paint of course (sandpaper). For easy Solo use you can glue them together with for example epoxy. Make sure there is no electrical contact between them, of course.

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