The following is a By-Passed Charge Assessment list for R6EW for use in indicating by-passed charge when auditing R6EW.


Prefix each question on this list with ...."IN LIFE....", or "IN THIS SESSION....", or, "IN THAT SESSION....", or, "SINCE (date or other indication of period being covered)....", as appropriate.

1. Has an End-word been dramatized?

2. Has an unfound End-word been dramatized?

3. Has a missed End-word been dramatized?

4. Has a wrong End-word been dramatized?

5. Has the wrong dramatization been selected?

6. Has a dramatization been by-passed?

7. Has a dramatization been misassigned?

8. Has a dramatization been Not-is-ed?

9. Has a dramatization been left charged?

10. Has a dramatization been left unflat?

11. Has a dramatization been over-run?

12. Has a Root-word been dramatized?

13. Has a Root-word been restimulated?

14. Has an End-word been restimulated?

15. Has more than one End-word been restimulated?

16. Has an End-word been missed?

17. Has an End-word been Not-is-ed?

18. Has an End-word been suppressed?

19. Has an End-word been challenged?

20. Has an End-word been refused?

21. Has an End-word been abandoned?

22. Has an End-word been flinched from?

23. Has an End-word been by-passed?

24. Has a wrong End-word been chosen?

26. Has the wrong form of an End-word been accepted?

27. Has an End-word been wrongly worded?

28. Has the Meter challenged an End-word?

29. Has the Meter Not-is-ed an End-word?

30. Has the dictionary challenged an End-word?

31. Has the dictionary Not-is-ed an End-word?

32. Has an End-word been previously found?

33. Has an End-word been left unpaired?

34. Has an End-word been previously paired?

35. Has an End-word been mismatched?

36. Has a correct pair been made incorrect?

37. Has an incorrect pair been insisted upon?

38. Have similar End-words been put opposite one another?

39. Have opposite End-words been considered to be similar to one another?

40. Has a GPM been restimulated?

41. Has a lock been restimulated?

42. Has an Implant been restimulated?

43. Has an Engram been restimulated?

44. Have previous errors in auditing. 

44A. End-words been restimulated?

45. Has a mass been left unnamed?

46. Has a word been misunderstood?

47. Has a word been misdefined?

48. Has a pattern been rejected?

49. Has a cognition been rejected?

50. Has a cognition been overlooked?

51. Has what was okay, been Not-is-ed?

52. Has a miss of any kind occurred?

53. Has a process been interfered with?

54. Has some by-passed charge been incompletely located?

55. Has some other kind of charge been by-passed?

56. Has an ARC break been audited over?

57. Has no auditing occurred?

58. Has a flinch of any kind occurred?

59. Have gains been challenged?

Final questions asked without a prefix....

60. Has the charge been missed on this list?

61. Is it not by-passed charge?

62. Is it a session ARC break?