Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 1, Pre-OT One. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.
Ron Hubbard's instructions on how to audit Pre-OT II were never written up in one comprehensive text. Instead they had to be collected by instructors from taped lectures and especially from instructions on how to run the so-called Clearing Course Materials with some notes. Here, for the first time, is an accurate manual in how to specifically audit Pre-OT II. It is an updated presentation of Mr. Hubbard's instructions from 1966-67. It is 100% compatible with what is called Standard OT II Instructions. 

An Account of Ron Hubbard's Original OT Two


Completing Pre-OT II

According to the Grade Chart the ability attained from completing Advanced Level II is: "Ability to confront the Whole Track". Technically this criteria is not used. You "dig your ditch" until done and the C/S will tell you when you are ready to attest. The EP of OT2 is given in Ron Hubbard's materials for the level as "All available charge is off the materials" and that is what we have to go for. 

The C/S has to ensure the following before he lets a Pre-OT attest: 

The Pre-OT was ready for the Level when starting it. 

The Pre-OT was actually capable of running the Level with good reads. 

If no proper reads were obtainable from running the materials it does not mean the Pre-OT was already flat on the Level. It means he wasn't ready for it yet. 

What needs to be done to remedy that would be part of the Solo C/S' expertise. The Solo-auditor would first of all have to review his materials and be crammed on points missed. Especially basic Solo-auditing skills have to be reviewed carefully and the student brought up in skill level. TRs, metering, Auditor's Code. Then the procedures for running Pre-OT II are reviewed and crammed. 

As auditing between Pre-OT I and Pre-OT III is the so-called non-interference zone the C/S will never do extensive repairs or other rundowns. It is important that the Pre-OT had a full 'Preparation for Advanced Levels' auditing program before let near any Solo-action (before Pre-OT I). 

As pointed out in the Overview chapter not all mental masses that can bother a case is the Preclear's own creation. The masses that actually were his creation got terminatedly handled with the Preclear going Clear. 

On the Pre-OT Levels we are handling mental masses and structures that not necessarily are the Pre-OTs own original creations or even based on him receiving these Implants personally. Whether the PC was there or not, these Implants have a pervasive impact on him that he will experience in his daily life. What we are handling is simply mental masses the Pre-OT is holding onto (like dear possessions) without any statement of how exactly he got to acquire them. Whether he got them in the local store, inherited them from his ancestors, found them on his Time-track, invented them himself or found them as an inherent part of his 'brain chemistry' are not of primary interest to us. In doing this type of Solo-auditing we have to look beyond physical structure and history and simply contact and audit these masses or entities and read by read discharge and erase the mass with Repeater Technique. The only things you really have to trust in doing this are the procedure and the E-meter™. 

So you follow the procedure and discharge one Item at the time before going onto the next. You repair non-reading Items as stated in the materials and get on with it.

The charge may come off in layers. The Pre-OT may contact certain mental masses or entities and have a ball of it. Then, later on the Level, may have to find other mental masses or entities and get those to run after some initial difficulties. Trust your E-meter™ and don't worry too much about structure. Just "dig your ditch" using the procedure and Meter.

When plenty of charge has been contacted and all available charge successfully run out the Level should be complete. It is not enough that the Solo-auditor experiences it as "It's all gone!" or "I can confront my Whole Track!" As pointed out this may simply be a key-out and we are going for erasure. 

When to end off the Level is not a decision the Solo-auditor should make. The C/S is the one that can see the whole picture without being caught up in the closeness and subjectivity of all this.

The EP may happen well before all 21 Implants are run and well before all 10 Runs have been contacted and run. 

Over the years different standards of what a full or acceptable EP for the Level consists of have existed.

One standard was to run it to the first major win where the Pre-OT experienced a break-up of these masses. 

The original standard from 1967 was to slug through it all - all 21x10 Implants, Item for Item with no thought of declaring the Level for complete before every Item had been contacted and fully inspected.

Today another approach has been found successful: You audit all that possibly can be audited and the Pre-OT attests. Yet, the C/S keeps an eye on the Pre-OTs future progress as other layers and entities that weren't accessible at the original run of the Level may have come alive and can, and should, be run with the OT II Platens.

All this is part of the Case Supervisor's tech and know-how. We are just here giving the outline of what a Solo-auditor can expect. But as Repair- and Advance-Programs are standard tools in getting Pre-OT II to run well they remain so after a Level has been attested. A rerun of the materials may be exactly what is needed to save the day and ensure smooth progress for the Pre-OT further up the Levels.


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