An Account of Ron Hubbard's Original OT Two


Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 1, Pre-OT One. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.
Ron Hubbard's instructions on how to audit Pre-OT II were never written up in one comprehensive text. Instead they had to be collected by instructors from taped lectures and especially from instructions on how to run the so-called Clearing Course Materials with some notes. Here, for the first time, is an accurate manual in how to specifically audit Pre-OT II. It is an updated presentation of Mr. Hubbard's instructions from 1966-67. It is 100% compatible with what is called Standard OT II Instructions. 


Pre-OT Two - Outline


Clear and Pre-OT II
On Advanced Level 2 (Pre-OT II) you are still erasing Items and mental masses in the Pre-OTs OT-Bank. The OT-Bank behaves, in terms of practical auditing, in the same way the Reactive Bank does in a Preclear before Clear. You may have the question: "How can a Pre-OT be Clear and still have a Reactive Bank?" The answer is, that the OT-Bank and the PC-Bank (Reactive Bank) are actually two different phenomena.

There has during the development of the technology existed a number of definitions for Clear. There were actually different high states of Being sort of mixed together under that one label. With the development of the Pre-OT Levels we have had to be very specific about what we technically mean by Clear. This is very important as the state of Clear has to be reached and verified before any of the Pre-OT Levels should be undertaken.

We have the state of Clear as being a state where the Preclear becomes fully aware of that he created his own Reactive Bank (and is creating it in present time) and gains the ability to 'uncreate' it. That is an exact point.

We are today operating on the following definition of Clear: A Clear is a Being, who no longer has his own Reactive Mind.

This definition does not state that the Clear is permanently free of all effects of reactivity, including reactivity stemming from other dynamics than the first dynamic. Yet, the definition is correct and precise.

 It is however not unusual that the Clear, after correctly attesting to this state, at a later date can experience mental masses close around him that seem to be outside his control; and that is actually the case. The masses are there. They react on the E-meter™, can give the Clear person discomforts and cause irrational behavior on his part. 

The short explanation is, what we call the OT-Bank is there, but this Bank was not created by the Preclear himself but by other forces and entities (see glossary and the data on Clear). It is somewhat like physical objects are there, can affect us and yet aren't our creation. The Advanced Levels are all about 'uncreating' this OT-Bank and then realize that we now can be cause over all types of mental masses and Banks that are affecting us.

Up the line towards full power we may even be able to repeat this experience with physical objects and the physical universe itself. This is only a theoretical possibility at this point. A Being that is fully capable of operating would have such native abilities and be able to be cause over physical matter, energy, space and time. He would be able to create and 'uncreate' (As-is) MEST at will. The Axioms of Scientology™ talk at great length about this. The Axioms do not in particular differentiate between the physical universe consisting of MEST (matter, energy, space and time) and one's 'personal universe' consisting of mental MEST (mental matter, energy, space and time) created by the Preclear. How all this actually hangs together is best left to the Pre-OT to discover for himself step by step. At this point As-is-ing MEST is only a theoretical possibility.

At this point the full explanation of how this OT-Bank came about, and how it is different from the PC-Bank (the lower level Reactive Bank) is not part of what the student needs to know. It is not part of the Pre-OT II theory. You will find some of the answers while running Pre-OT II and you will be given the full theoretical explanation as part of Advanced Level 3, Theory. 

On Advanced Level Two (Pre-OT II auditing) you simply operate on the stable datum that the OT-Bank reacts and behaves as the PC-Bank of a lower Grade Preclear. All the laws and rules of lower level auditing apply. When completing Advanced Level Two and getting onto Advanced Level Three you will now see that things has changed fundamentally and you need a series of new stable data to tackle Level Three. 

Structure of the Bank
It is true for the OT-Bank (as well as for the PC-Bank) that anything that occurs several times will not erase unless we find the earliest time it happened or occurred and then erase that first time. In Engram running this is known as contacting the Basic on a Chain and run it out. A Chain is a series of incidents that are very similar in some respect, but happened at different times - sometimes eons apart. This similarity makes them hang together, restimulate each other in a way so running one incident on a Chain will bring an earlier similar into view.

Going down such a Chain you may not get all the incidents that are there to get. You may skip some. But once the earliest incident is erased the later ones will however, on new inspection, erase easily.

Also, once the Basic incident is erased the next similar incident closer to present time will work as a new Basic incident and must be taken care of. It is not automatically completely gone just because the very Basic incident is now gone.

What You Audit on Pre-OT Two
What you audit on Pre-OT II is a series of Implants. Each Implant is an Engram that was given to all Beings in this part of the universe. The Implants make up a number of so-called Implant GPMs. The auditing of these Implant GPMs is done as Solo-auditing.

The Implants came about as a piece of 'reverse therapy', mind control or harmful mental engineering. The Being was given a series of painful or overwhelming experiences intended to mess him up, reduce his power and make him more controllable. He was given positive suggestions and Goals in a confusing and conflicting pattern. It was a form of refined 'brainwash' but much more sophisticated. It was administered to all Beings in this part of the universe eons ago.

There exists on every Pre-OTs and Preclear's Time-track a great number of such Implants. Some of them are powerful and have great negative influence on him in present time and some of them have not.

The Implants of Pre-OT II exist in all Preclears on this planet. They do not partially disappear due to other auditing. They are well hidden and resistive to any other auditing than the exact procedure of Pre-OT II.

A Map of the Pre-OT II Implants
Each Implant GPM of  Pre-OT II form a very exact pattern. There are a total of 21 different GPMs in the Pre-OT II materials. The pattern for each of these 21 GPMs is the same from Preclear to Preclear. They can be accurately mapped. The map for each of these 21 Implant GPMs is called a Platen.

The Platen is at the same time a map over the exact structure of that GPM and the exact auditing procedure for reducing and erasing the charge it contains. These Platens were originally mapped out by Ron Hubbard in 1966 and '67.

When the Pre-OT audits on AL-2 he simply follows the Platen instructions carefully and makes sure not to step into any 'quicksand', 'landmines', mental trickery, etc. that may surround this narrow path he has to follow to undo their effects.

Most of these Implants have a 'verbal' content, a Goal. A Goal is a significance in the form 'to (verb) (noun)'. The anatomy of Goals is best explained in the Keywords glossary. We could have an example as "To grab books". Next to the Goal "To grab books" will however typically be the Goal "To not grab books" or "to grab books 'no' ".

When these Items are in restimulation the intent or action of grabbing books tend to activate the opposite Goal not to grab books and the person is being messed up as a result. He will feel indecisive and generally uncertain or ill or simply uncomfortable. This can be to a point of physical sickness.

Through doing the Pre-OT II procedure step by step we can undo these series of Implants and their effects. The person will experience greater freedom and self-determinism. Erasing them all will lead to rehabilitation of self-determinism.

AL-2 is audited in a systematic and orderly way. One just keeps at it day after day, week after week, about an hour or two a day. The person may experience many wins and successes in the course of this. The auditing is however not concluded just because the Pre-OT feels great, but only when he is sure of that all the charge of these Implants are actually erased and thus permanently gone.

Ten Identical Runs
The Pre-OT II Bank consists, as mentioned, of 21 different Implants. A sequence of Implants, 1-21, makes up one Run or Set. The trickery does not stop there. The same sequence of Implants is repeated  ten times. These ten identical sequences are called the Runs.

What we find on the Pre-OTs Time-track is in other words this:


Run 1:   Implant 1-21
Run 2:   Implant 1-21
Run 3:   Implant 1-21
Run 4:   Implant 1-21
Run 5:   Implant 1-21
Run 6:   Implant 1-21
Run 7:   Implant 1-21
Run 8:   Implant 1-21
Run 9:   Implant 1-21
Run 10: Implant 1-21


So we find Run 1 as being the earliest in time and Run 10 is the latest. Each Run should be identified and run. If,  at some point, no charge seems to come off the Items and a specific GPM one common reason for this is that the Pre-OT has not accurately identified where he is in this maze of Items. He may be supposed to run Run 3  next but has actually started to tackle Run 8 and thus can't As-is the mass as he has identified a wrong Run for this to happen. He is 'too late on the Chain'.

This can sound quite tricky but in practice the rule is, as long as Items read well you keep running them per the procedure. When one Item no longer produces reads it is considered flat. You move onto the next Item on your Platen or onto the next Platen. It should now produce reads when run. If it doesn't produce reads you have to find out why. One of the reasons can be that you now have contacted a wrong Run, one out of sequence. Only if you contact the next one closer to present time will it run well, getting large reads that gradually gets smaller as the charge is getting off.

There was one more piece of trickery applied when these Implant GPMs were first installed in the Preclear. You may come across all kinds of remote dates when running the GPMs, such as billions and trillions of years ago. There are many false dates that are actually installed as part of the content of the GPM. The actual date on the Pre-OTs Time-track is however 75 million years ago. These GPMs were in other words implanted 75 million years ago.

Normally you do not run into these dates when running the procedure. Going looking for them is explicitly illegal procedure. Yet, some confusing date may still pop up out of the blue or as part of sorting out difficulties in getting reads, etc.

Basic Procedure
Due to all this trickery, and even more not described, the only safe thing to do is to follow the procedure closely. The basic procedure is actually closely related to one of the original and oldest techniques of Dianetics™: Repeater Technique.  Each Item is flattened by this Repeater Technique. Just repeat the Item many times until it no longer reads. This is done aloud. Then go on to the next Item on your Platens and do the same with that. The exact details of how to handle the procedure, any difficulties and admin is covered fully in the next chapters.

Besides not looking for dates you should not look for identities, own or others, at the time of the Implants. Do not try to run the incidents with normal Engram procedure, do not try to figure out anything with past lives or scout around for other GPMs and their patterns.

You are taken on a very controlled and narrow path through a very hostile territory. Stay low and keep going and you will make it. If you try all kinds of variations out of boredom, curiosity or desperation you expose yourself to all kinds of hostile forces surrounding these Implant GPMs and put your safety and good health in danger.

These Implant GPMs were constructed to be nearly impossible to detect; and if they were detected they were constructed to booby trap the individual. To follow the procedure closely - whether boring or not - is therefore extremely important.

Ron Hubbard compared this type of processing with digging a ditch. It is a simple routine and the way to get through the Level  is simply to keep doing this routine until complete. Usually there are many wins and highpoints along the road. But good work ethics, discipline and planning of ones time has to be part of it to get you going and safely through. Audit one to two hours every day in a safe and undisturbed place and keep this up for as long as needed. It may be weeks and weeks or months, sometimes for more than a year. This can vary widely from person to person. But if you just keep at it and keep digging and digging you will for sure some day get through all this, get out at the other end in one piece and in much better shape, having regained your true self-determinism and be on the way to become a truly powerful Being.

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