The Prometheus Reports

On:  Advanced Auditing - Pre-OT Level Two

A comparative study 
of Advanced Auditing


Between 1965 and 1983 the late Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) published a number of courses intended to rehabilitate extraordinary mental abilities and powers. He claimed that all human Beings basically have these abilities. 
The courses, put together, were the upper Levels of the so-called Bridge to Total Freedom™. Mr. Hubbard called the courses the Advanced Levels or Operating Thetan™ Levels (OT Levels).

In Ron Hubbard's own lifetime  there were a total of eight such OT Levels in existence (we prefer to call them Pre-OT Levels due to trademark issues) . Mr. Hubbard spoke of many more such Levels, but only eight Levels were actually published. If there were more actual Levels they were never written up but notes for them may of course exist.

In this report we seek to sort out the content and controversy that surround some of these Advanced Levels. The present report is limited to the Advanced Level Two.

The controversies are related to both scientific, ethical and legal aspects.

Even this limited subject is at first glance rather confusing. Ron Hubbard apparently released several very different versions of the Pre-OT Levels. They were reorganized, rewritten and ordered to be redone by clients several times.

When it comes to Pre-OT II Mr. Hubbard only published one version, and it still stands, but other researchers and authors released competing courses with their own exact procedures.

Ron Hubbard's Advanced Levels have been printed, according to court documents, in at least 25,000 copies and distributed. Yet, it was sought to be held confidential by the copyright holder, L. Ron Hubbard's Library, as "unpublished works".

The Hubbard Library was trying to take a rather odd legal position. They were on the one hand publishing and distributing the materials on a large scale but were at the same time trying to claim these materials were unpublished works or trade secrets. This led to a string of law suits in the USA and also notoriously to a court case in Hague, Netherlands, home of the court for international affairs.

The outcome of all this was the ruling of the Court in Hague. In their sentence of June 9, 1999 it was clearly determined that the materials did not have trade secret status nor the status of unpublished works, but had normal protection for published works under Dutch and international copyright laws (see Hague ruling and details in appendix, especially paragraph 13 of the ruling).

In other words, in this present report we have to observe the normal academic rules concerning copyrights. We cannot bring the course materials in full. But we can bring fair use quotes and refer in detail to what the course materials state. Since a complete set of  instructions specifically for Pre-OT II never was written up, there were no 'full course materials' to bring in the first place. So we decided to do the logical thing and write a new and complete manual in how to do Pre-OT II and compare it with other versions available. This manual follows Ron Hubbard's published notes and directions, technical rules and advice closely. But here, for the first time, is a complete manual in how to audit Pre-OT II. 

We are under copyright law allowed to bring exact procedures and processes as these explicitly cannot be protected under this law but have to be passed on as new knowledge to society. 

Note: Processes and procedures can only be protected under patent laws and only for a limited number of years. This is to make it financially attractive to do research and develop new technology. Under patent law protection it is possible to get a reasonable return on inventions. Inventions, processes and procedures cannot, even under the stricter patent laws, be held proprietary forever. When the patent runs out they are fair game. But no such patents have ever been sought or existed for the present materials.

We are more at liberty when it comes to the other researchers covering the same subject. We have been able to obtain the works of three other researchers on the subject.

They are: Jeff Filbert. Publication: 'Excalibur Revisited' (1982).

L. Kin. Publication: 'From the Bottom to the Top - The Way Out' (1992).

The Pilot. Publication: 'Super Scio' (1997-99).

These three researchers have made their materials available on the Internet and in books and do not contest fair use quotes of extensive nature.

Most or all of Ron Hubbard's published papers on the OT Levels were also at some point in the public domain. This was as a result of the court case "Fishman/Geertz vs. Church of Scientology™ International". Steven Fishman introduced his own purchased copies of these materials as evidence as part of the so-called Fishman Affidavit. This was in 1993 in USA. This very extensive affidavit was later sealed by the courts, meaning it was no longer made available to the public but could only be used inside the court room. It did however result in that the original data for a number of years were circulated widely - and legally so. It started a debate at the time among experts in the subject that made it possible to check circulating non-copyrighted versions against the original data and put together a full report on the content and correct use of the original Advanced Levels. The present Prometheus Reports acknowledges the use of such verified materials.


Why Publish This?

In his Pre-OT research Ron Hubbard found that a long series of positive suggestions in a set pattern can be found to exist in the 'subconscious' or reactive mind of all human Beings living on earth. These hypnotic suggestions make up a piece of mental trickery that confuses a person, reduces his natural drive and makes him prone to new positive suggestions and irrational behavior in general.  These positive suggestions can be contacted and 'run out', meaning made powerless. The therapeutic value of the Pre-OT II materials and procedures consist in running out these confusing, "hypnotic suggestions". How to do that is what the instructions and the exact procedures for the Pre-OT Level 2 are all about. These conflicting, hidden and hypnotically charged commands were, according to Mr. Hubbard, induced in the person's mind millions of years ago while the person's spiritual self (soul, Thetan) existed in a different body. These commands were not originally found in English in the person's subconscious mind. It all happened way back when English didn't even exist as a language. We bring them here as scientific findings and facts and as part of the exact procedure for undoing the damage.

Ron Hubbard had no intent to copyright (or patent-protect - Heaven forbid!) the structure of this hidden record of a historic activity or the resulting mental trickery. Nor could he legally do so. He saw his mission as helping his fellow man to undo the damage by exposing this mental trickery. The essence of the procedures is, according to Mr. Hubbard, knowing the exact record of historic events that took place millions of years ago. The wordings contained therein are not Mr. Hubbard's nor any copyright holders. It is simply an account of positive suggestions that, again according to Mr. Hubbard, were induced  into every human Being's subconscious mind here on earth, one person at the time. The wordings of the suggestions were recovered through examinations and research of the minds of average people. You may find this credible or not. We take it, as far as this report is concerned, on face value and bring them as historical facts and thus part of the public record. They were "the famous last words of a long gone decadent civilization". They have, like popular songs and legends, been carried through time by the people; just unknowingly and unwittingly in their 'subconscious' or reactive minds.

Mr. Hubbard's caution in distributing these materials in printed form was only on the basis of that they possibly could be misused in the wrong hands. That is why he sought to keep them out of general circulation. But since, as described, the materials for a number of years were in the public domain anyone who really wanted them already legally have a copy. At this point trying to keep widely distributed materials 'secret' will not prevent misuse; only possibly help it. 

The best remedy against any possible misuse or repeat use with hidden intent of these materials is at this point, then, to make their existence and their correct and ethical use widely known. Used wrongly these materials are harmful. Used correctly, and administered to an individual ready for them by a skilled practitioner, these materials are an important step toward spiritual freedom. Like a vaccine the materials contain the disease in diluted form but also the remedy for that disease.

Mr. Hubbard's basic attitude of how and why to know and use these materials are expressed in this quote  from one of his lectures on the subject: 

" I could give you the whole pattern, and I will, but I also must give you the technology by which the whole pattern of the Reactive Bank is found. I think you will find that much more valuable, because you might be on Arcturus one day without your notes."
(From lecture at St. Hill Manor, UK. December 22, 1964.)

The Editors.

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