From Geoffrey Filbert's: Excalibur Revisited. Chapter on OT Level 2.

Geoffrey Filbert worked directly under Ron Hubbard in the 1960s and 1970s. He left however the organization around 1979 or 1980. He then worked as an independent practitioner. In 1982 he published the book 'Excalibur Revisited, The Akashik Book of Truth'. It covers all of Ron Hubbard's technology as it existed at the time and have, especially towards the end, several chapters on Mr. Filbert's own research.

As you can see he gives a total of 322 possible End-words to run. His comments are, that usually only about 4 (four) need to be run to get the end phenomena for OT II. The structure he gives in this chapter is somewhat different from Mr. Hubbard's and may cover other periods of the Time-track. We strongly recommend Ron Hubbard's approach, if for no other reason because it has been found to be safe and effective for tens of thousands cases.



Incidents to be erased: (Run only as many as are necessary for EP of OT II)


Arrow shot through one in space.


Dancer (will either be around a campfire or in a palace).


Pole (will either be bounced back and forth between two poles or stuck on one trying to get off, or a barbershop pole going up and down),.


Cave incidents.


Triangle Implants with dummy, apparently live, with you flowing Clearing Course type Goals at the dummy you think is a real person, Dummy is to the front of you, emitter of Goals is behind you, and implanter is to the left. It opens with "For 2/12 years I have lived with you..." These Clearing Course type Goals you thought you implanted into another: The BB GPM.

The above uniformly produce an OT II EP.

If the EP is not attained, extend with running:


Bear Goals


Religious Implants


Cargo Implants


12,000 B.C. to E Level


Aircraft Door Implants


Bank Snatching Magic Track


Helatrobus Implants


1st Picture Incident With


Gorilla Goals


Earlier Beginning For Code


9-Flow Implants


of Honor Violation


Picture Implants


1st Break of Code of Honor

BB GPM line-plot:

To create _____________

To not create _____________

To experience _________

To not experience _________

To protect ____________

To not protect ____________

To have _______________

To not have _______________

To resist _____________

To not resist _____________

To invalidate _________

To not invalidate _________

To challenge __________

To not challenge __________

To suppress ___________

To not suppress ___________

To abandon ____________

To not abandon ____________

BB GPM End-Words

The first 150 GPMs:

Life, growth, needs, security, awareness, perception, ideas, awareness, consciousness, dreams, duplication, imagination, truth, love, substance, matter, survival, communication, difficulties, destruction, evil, upsets, disconnection, habits, automaticity, reactions, causes, effects, powers, sources, dramatization, clarity, orientation, confront, self-determinism, certainty, knowingness, selves, personages, personality, others, universes, the physical universe, intentions, Overts, motivators, flows, ridges, dispersal, emotions, misemotions, actions, withholding, pictures, memory, consciousness, morality, religions, Gods, Devils, Beings, hierarchies, governments, workers, juniors, pets, seniors, games, entertainment, honor, identities, bodies, histories, symbols, players, pieces, demons, magicians, art, laws, education, service, help, exchange, money, sex, female bodies, male bodies, doll bodies, robot bodies, theta bodies, sex, marriage, children, love, homes, jobs, work, effort, conservatism, groups, insanity, purposes, sacrifice, worship, subjugation, limitation, will, mankind, humans, animals, environment, order, concurrence, definition, identification, illusion, materiality, spirituality, energy, spaces, viewpoints, time, past, present, future, urges, impulses, hate, popularity, integrity, things, people, ideas, thought, intelligence, admiration, perfection, decency, honesty, sincerity, obligations, alternatives, Dichotomies, As-is-ness, willingness, articulation, repetition, death.

Then, there is a series of explosions and pictures of Thetan returning for a between lives Implant and taking a new body.***

Then, the rest of the GPMs (172 more):

Ownership, hospitals, babies, conquests, truth, awaking, identity, togetherness, sociality, brotherhood, rewards, punishment, existence, lifetime, strategy, opposition, co-existence's, absence, ***, longevity, money, agreements, optimum solution, enemies, wars, entrapments, Implantation, hypnotism, drugs, pains, sensation, significance's, mass, study, learning, endurance, operating Thetans, thought control, hope, faith, humanity, caring, marriage, partners, partnerships, success, disturbance, inhibition, enforcement, desires, curiosity, stewardship, parents, children, invalidation, suppressions, other-determinism, sickness, disease, romance, rhythm, unconsciousness, virtue, spirals, cycles of action, oppression, objectification, mock ups, humor, interest, inequity, points, familiarity, substitution, waste, attack, abhorrence, domination, slavery, desertion, escape, actuality, apparency, microcosm, macrocosm, mock ups, rarefaction, traction, pressing, observation, massing up, departures, loss, objections, valences, vias, compulsions, obsessions, avoidance, ignorance, innocence, falsity, supposition, obedience, vanishments, alteration, responsibility, feelings, stops, starts, consumption, beingness, havingness, doingness, decisions, postulates, mysteries, pretences, control, reason, logic, art, justice, co- operation, work, death as a body, sleep, exteriorization, feeling others, motion, serenity, self, motion, other Beings, now, ability, confront, freedom, overself, motionlessness, perceptions, blackness, randomity, consideration, words, result, location, form, stupidity, friends, opponents, copy, my universe, others universes, our universe, destiny, fate, forgetfulness, remembrance, creations, charges, matrix, machinery, declination, blankness, never was, eternity, farewells, obscurity, oblivion.

Running out the first 5 uniformly produces the OT II state: of the ability to confront the Whole Track. I have never had to extend (nor know of anyone who has had to extend running the other Items), but as a matter of record, I thought I would include them as other things that could be run.

The person R3Rs out the first 4 incidents. They use the Repeater Technique on the 5th (as they did on the CC), just spotting the Goal and getting all the charge off of this implanted Bank. It is what society dramatizes.

Probably 98% of what is going on in society is simply an act out of this particular Bank. This whole Bank will normally erase on the PC between the 16th and the 50th GPMs. If they have to go ahead and 372 of them, well fine, I have never seen a PC run beyond "concurrence".

Thus, they attain the state of OT II. So, then you take an attestation on that they have gained the ability to confront the Whole Track and they have gotten freedom from their inability to confront the Whole Track. Usually, they can see the whole thing. Your key way of knowing if this is properly done is that they will exteriorize with very excellent perception, never again play these games in society, and they will see that that is what society is totally into.

Now, they go on to OT III.

Geoffrey Filbert, 1982