Warning: Auditing on these Platens should only be attempted by trained Solo-auditors, already Clear and Pre-OT 1,  working under competent supervision of an Advanced Level Case Supervisor.



Originally run 24 August 1966.
This is a 96 Item Bank. The Items are paired 48 Items apart i.e. 1 and 49 are opposites.
It is run by first getting reads off the first part of the Item which is of the form:
  To build a ________ machine
Then get the reads off the second part which is of the form:
 Not to ________ yourself
Then call the whole Item:
 To build a ________ machine 
not to ________ yourself

1. To build a postulatingness machine
Not to postulate yourself

2. To build a thinkingness machine
Not to think yourself

3. To build a ideafyingness machine
Not to idealize yourself

4. To build a reasoningness machine
Not to reason yourself

5. To build a solvingness machine
Not to solve yourself

6. To build a orderingness machine
Not to order yourself

7. To build a spacingness machine
Not to space yourself

8. To build a timingness machine
Not to time yourself

9. To build a massingness machine
Not to mass yourself

10. To build a energizingness machine
Not to energize yourself

11. To build a materializingness machine
Not to materialize yourself

12. To build a solidifyingness machine
Not to solidify yourself

13. To build a findingness machine
Not to find yourself

14. To build a locatingness machine
Not to locate yourself

15. To build a positioningness machine
Not to position yourself

16. To build a wantingness machine
Not to want yourself

17. To build a desireingness machine
Not to desire yourself

18. To build a cravingness machine
Not to crave yourself

19. To build a gettingness machine
Not to get yourself

20. To build a obtainingness machine
Not to obtain yourself

21. To build a collectingness machine
Not to collect yourself

22. To build a retainingness machine
Not to retain yourself

23. To build a keepingness machine
Not to keep yourself

24. To build a holdingness machine
Not to hold yourself

25. To build a savingness machine
Not to save yourself

26. To build a preservingness machine
Not to preserve yourself

27. To build a survivingness machine
Not to survive yourself

28. To build a recordingness machine
Not to record yourself

29. To build a copyingness machine
Not to copy yourself

30. To build a duplicatingness machine
Not to duplicate yourself

31. To build a formingness machine
Not to form yourself

32. To build a picturingness machine
Not to picture yourself

33. To build a creatingness machine
Not to create yourself

34. To build a makingness machine
Not to make yourself

35. To build a producingness machine
Not to produce yourself

36. To build a constructingness machine
Not to construct yourself

37. To build a viewingness machine
Not to view yourself

38. To build a seeingness machine
Not to see yourself

39. To build a perceivingness machine
Not to perceive yourself

40. To build a sensingness machine
Not to sense yourself

41. To build a feelingness machine
Not to feel yourself

42. To build a contactingness machine
Not to contact yourself

43. To build a sensationingness machine
Not to sensation yourself

44. To build a enjoyingness machine
Not to enjoy yourself

45. To build a exaltingness machine
Not to exalt yourself

46. To build a rememberingness machine
Not to remember yourself

47. To build a consciousizingness machine
Not to consciousize yourself

48. To build a knowingness machine
Not to know yourself


49. To build a withholdingness machine
Not to withhold yourself

50. To build a unthinkifyingness machine
Not to unthinkify yourself

51. To build a stupidifyingness machine
Not to stupidify yourself

52. To build a unreasoningness machine
Not to unreasonize yourself

53. To build a problemifyingness machine
Not to problemify yourself

54. To build a confusingness machine
Not to confuse yourself

55. To build a groupingness machine
Not to group yourself

56. To build a timelessingness machine
Not to timeless yourself

57. To build a clearingness machine
Not to clear yourself

58. To build a drainingness machine
Not to drain yourself

59. To build a vanishingness machine
Not to vanish yourself

60. To build a disintegratingness machine
Not to disintegrate yourself

61. To build a losingness machine
Not to lose yourself

62. To build a hidingness machine
Not to hide yourself

63. To build a displacingness machine
Not to displace yourself

64. To build a rejectingness machine
Not to reject yourself

 65. To build a disdainingness machine
Not to disdain yourself

66. To build a hatingness machine
Not to hate yourself

67. To build a discardingness machine
Not to discard yourself

68. To build a neglectingness machine
Not to neglect yourself

69. To build a abandoningness machine
Not to abandon yourself

70. To build a ignoringness machine
Not to ignore yourself

71. To build a dismissingness machine
Not to dismiss yourself

72. To build a freeingness machine
Not to free yourself

73. To build a wastingness machine
Not to waste yourself

74. To build a decayingness machine
Not to decay yourself

75. To build a dyingness machine
Not to die yourself

76. To build a eradicatingness machine
Not to eradicate yourself

77. To build a erasingness machine
Not to erase yourself

78. To build a annihilatingness machine
Not to annihilate yourself

79. To build a terminatingness machine
Not to terminate yourself

80. To build a blankingness machine
Not to blank yourself

81. To build a destroyingness machine
Not to destroy yourself

82. To build a impedingness machine
Not to impede yourself

83. To build a stoppingness machine
Not to stop yourself

84. To build a abolishingness machine
Not to abolish yourself

85. To build a obscuringness machine
Not to obscure yourself

86. To build a blindingness machine
Not to blind yourself

87. To build a screeningness machine
Not to screen yourself

88. To build a avoidingness machine
Not to avoid yourself

89. To build a shunningness machine
Not to shun yourself

90. To build a disconnectingness machine
Not to disconnect yourself

91. To build a numbingness machine
Not to numb yourself

92. To build a suppressingness machine
Not to suppress yourself

93. To build a subduingness machine
Not to subdue yourself

94. To build a forgettingness machine
Not to forget yourself

95. To build a unconsciousizingness machine
Not to unconsciousize yourself

96. To build a amnesiaizingness machine
Not to amnesiaize yourself



Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.