Warning: Auditing on these Platens should only be attempted by trained Solo-auditors, already Clear and Pre-OT 1,  working under competent supervision of an Advanced Level Case Supervisor.



Implanted date of TR30026.

2 targets counter-poised with an arrow in each.

The targets appear for 1/10th of a second. It tilts one way then the other. Get the speed and your reaction to it. It is a sudden appearance and disappearance. It wobbles in and wobbles out.


Implanted dates of TR25,355 TR28,670 and TR28,865.

Duration of 1/8th of a second.

Long black shining rod moving from left to right. It is like 2 rods. They both disappear forward and upward. There is a feeling of theta Being squashed between the 2 rods as they rotate rapidly.


Implanted date of TR25,980.

The woman figure appeared before one. Nothing happened. It appeared and remained a few hours. It sort of got in one's face.


Implanted date of TR25,090.

This is a sphere on a pole. The sphere and pole are black in front, white on the back. It's based on the idea that a Thetan can't think 2 thoughts at once.

Implanted date of TR20,695.

This is a pole with a split in it. The back is hot and the front is cold. Duration 1 and 1/8 seconds.

Implanted date of TR19,670.

This takes place in a cave. It is 7 and 1/8 seconds log. It has screams of laughter. Very wild. Very calm. The calm is a frozen numbness. It is a pole with a split in it. Laughter comes from the rear and calm from the front half simultaneously. Then they reverse.  It gives the sensation of total disagreement. Conceive of both at the same time. This tends to knock one out.


Implanted date of TR18,992.

The duration is 7/8 of a second. There is a pole that pulls one in and one is caught on it. The actual incident is in connecting with this thing and trying to get off it.

The dancing comes after the actual incident and consists of a mob dancing around one chanting various things - a text. In running this get the phrases that are chanted.


Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.