Warning: Auditing on these Platens should only be attempted by trained Solo-auditors, already Clear and Pre-OT 1,  working under competent supervision of an Advanced Level Case Supervisor.



1 page of 30 Items. Actions at the beginning and end. The Items are in Pairs numbered 1a and 1b and so on.
One spots the actions at the beginning and end. Implanted dates of TR16,780 and TR60,663 are given.

Explosion. Appearance of huge Being in sky.

 1a.  You must survive.
 1b.  You mustn't survive.
 2a.  You should survive.
 2b.  You shouldn't survive.
 3a.  You can survive.
 3b.  You can't survive.
 4a.  He must survive.
 4b.  He mustn't survive.
 5a.  He should survive.
 5b.  He shouldn't survive.
 6a.  He can survive.
 6b.  He can't survive.
 7a.  They must survive.
 7b.  They mustn't survive.
 8a.  They should survive.
 8b.  They shouldn't survive.
 9a.  They can survive.
 9b.  They can't survive.
10a.  We must survive.
10b.  We mustn't survive.
11a.  We should survive.
11b.  We shouldn't survive.
12a.  We can survive.
12b.  We can't survive.
13a.  All must survive.
13b.  All mustn't survive.
14a.  All should survive.
14b.  All shouldn't survive.
15a.  All can survive.
15b.  All can't survive.



Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.