Warning: Auditing on these Platens should only be attempted by trained Solo-auditors, already Clear and Pre-OT 1,  working under competent supervision of an Advanced Level Case Supervisor.



1 page of 24 Items with 2 additional phrases at the end. Items 1 and 2 form a Pair as do 3 and 4 and so on.

Each Item consists of a phrase and then the action of the Sun swinging across from left to right. It gives the concept of time.

 1.  Create (sun swing)
 2.  Create no (sun swing)
 3.  Abide (sun swing)
 4.  Abide no (sun swing)
 5.  Enjoy (sun swing)
 6.  Enjoy no (sun swing)
 7.  Welcome (sun swing)
 8.  Welcome no (sun swing)
 9.  Share (sun swing)
10.  Share no (sun swing)
11.  Keep (sun swing)
12.  Keep no (sun swing)
13.  Hold (sun swing)
14.  Hold no (sun swing)
15.  Exploit (sun swing)
16.  Exploit no (sun swing)
17.  Deplore (sun swing)
18.  Deplore no (sun swing)
19.  Skip (sun swing)
20.  Skip no (sun swing)
21.  Continue (sun swing)
22.  Continue no (sun swing)
23.  Forget (sun swing)
24.  Forget no (sun swing)

"That's what you get for making this universe!" "Get out."



Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.