Warning: Auditing on these Platens should only be attempted by trained Solo-auditors, already Clear and Pre-OT 1,  working under competent supervision of an Advanced Level Case Supervisor.



1 page of 20 Items.

The Items are arranged in Pairs numbered 1,2,3,4 etc. One runs Item 1 then 2 then them both together, 1,2,1,2.

The Items each contain a phrase followed by an electrical shock as the End-word. One calls the phrase and spots the action of the shock.

It was to convince a Thetan that he should think of himself as an electrical Being.

It has implanted dates of trillions to the power of 210,000,866 (written TR210,000,866) as the earliest and any of the following and possible additional ones. TR89,796 TR310,096 TR350,021 TR97,868 TR105.086.

The command concept is word+shock.

The shock is an electrical impact and flow.
 1.  Create (shock)
 2.  Create no (shock)
 3.  Destroy (shock)
 4.  Destroy no (shock)
 5.  Love (shock)
 6.  Love no (shock)
 7.  Hate (shock)
 8.  Hate no (shock)
 9.  Be (shock)
10.  Be no (shock)
11.  Disown (shock)
12.  Disown no (shock)
13.  Use (shock)
14.  Use no (shock)
15.  Condemn (shock)
16.  Condemn no (shock)
17.  Seize (shock)
18.  Seize no (shock)
19.  Escape (shock)
20.  Escape no (shock)


Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.