L. Kin

The Pied Pipers
of Heaven

Who calls the tune?

© 1994 by L. Kin
© 1994 by Edition ScienTerra
ISBN 3-922367-28-3,Verkehrs-Nr. 16645 (BAG)




"Some "old scientologist" who started in scientology in the 1970s, 1960s or even before and grew up within the secrecy-mindedness of the Church of Scientologyô, may think it overly risky and daring, if not irresponsible, to reveal hitherto strictly guarded "confidential" data in an open-to-all pocket book. But there are a number of reasons which seem to make it alright to do so at this particular stage of the game, the main one being that the incidents which will be described, and their perpetrators, have been worked on so thoroughly by so many Auditors over several decades that their restimulation potential has been exhausted considerably. This is proven by the fact that in 1968, when the following materials were released to the public, people showed extremely strong reactions when exposed to them - for some Solo-auditors it took years to audit out their charge - whereas nowadays their effect is comparatively weak. So there seems to be no harm involved in presenting these hitherto confidential data to the public.

"Please feel free to reject any or all of this, to see it as allegory or science fiction, as the raving of a madman or a cunning scheme to con money out of the gullible. As Hubbard kept emphasizing:

"Only what you have observed yourself is true for you".

"Someone may argue that putting it all out in the open would make people copy the "esoteric" contents of the Xenu myth and make Solo-auditing a shallow experience. Against this one may hold that reading about an esoteric truth isnít quite the same as experiencing it oneself and understanding it. Those who arenít ready for the pertinent experiences wonít have them - even after reading whole libraries about them. In a way, this serves as a self-protecting mechanism which keeps the mind from getting damaged. However, just to make sure, take this warning:

"Warning: Anyone reading on beyond this point does so at their own risk!

"Should you take the risk despite this warning and feel any discomfort, nausea or sleeplessness at any point, this is what you can do:

"1. Take vitamins C, E, B-1, calcium and magnesium in large doses. This serves to fortify the bodyís energy field and keeps the energy impulses produced by "awakened" entities from affecting the Genetic Entity (which would result in sleeplessness and nervousness).

"It is possible to use tranquilizers or beer to get on top of the effects, but this is not recommended as it only submerges them.

"2. Do physical work, complete physical cycles of action, keep your attention extroverted. Do not go into the contents of the pictures you may see. Donít act against them either; acknowledge their existence, but keep your attention outwards.

"3. Use the linked "Readerís Restimulation Remedy" (from the appendix of L. Kin's book "The Pied Pipers of Heaven") or find an Auditor and get the restimulation handled in a session.