Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 2, Pre-OT Two. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.


Sequences of Incident Two


This incident is over 36 days long. Capture on other planets was weeks or months before the Implant. Those on Teegeeack (Earth) were just blown up except for Loyal Officers who were (shortly before the explosion on Earth) rounded up.

Do not scan through the duration of 36 days. The volcanic explosion on Earth to the point where "The Pilot" says he is mocking it up is only a few days.

Sequence of Incident Two for Thetans on ANOTHER planet -

1. Capture (being shot),
2. Freezing,
3. Transport to Teegeeack (sometimes via a relay point),
4. Being placed near a volcano,
5. Hydrogen bomb explosion in or on the volcano.
6. beginning Implant up to "The Pilot",
7. Various picture sequences,
8. The 7s Implants, C.C. Implants and OT II Implants,
9. 36 days of picture Implants which give a vast array of
materials and three explanations for the bombing,
10. Transport to Hawaii or Las Palmas for packaging up into

The pictures contain God, the Devil, Angels, space opera, theaters, helicopters, a constant spinning, a spinning dancer, trains and various scenes very like modern England. You name it, it's in this Implant we call in its entirely "R6".

If one was a Loyal Officer on Teegeeack, the sequence was

1. capture

2. #5 above on.

If one was a citizen of Teegeeack there was only #5 on. The material given at the various "volcanoes" was longer or shorter, but dove-tailed into the same sequence of pictures. We have the whole text but it is needless.

People who feel dizzy have gotten into the spinning part of the 36 days.

If BT is Free-wheeling 
This step can be used if BT/CL seems confused about its Incident Two or is free-wheeling, meaning being pulled into the incident and loosing orientation.
You can simply ask "Did your Inc 2 start with capture? Explosion?" to sort it out.
You establish "the earlier beginning" and run the BT from that point in time and to 'The Pilot'.


Prometheus International, 2004. Plus fair use quotes from Ron Hubbard's published notes and works.