Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 2, Pre-OT Two. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.

For Advanced Level Three

This form can be
done over and over. It can be done to find Out Rudiments and to handle other case oddities that don't seem to stem directly from errors in running the Pre-OT III procedure.
It is an auditing form that can be done
by the Pre-OT on self or by a qualified Auditor on the Pre-OT. It can also simply be done to jump start a Solo-auditor to find new areas of BTs and Clusters to audit.

One uses the key words of the list to see if the subject of the word is charged.
Questions can be made up around the key word reading to find the exact point. Use the Meter to narrow it down as needed.
F/N each read by finding what it is, whose charge it is and finding earlier similar incident(s) if it
doesn't F/N in the first place. Pre-OT III routines are used to get it to F/N.
Any BT/CL contacted should be handled to blow.

After handling a line it is always rechecked to find any additional charge or additional BT/CLs with that charge. 
When no additional charge is found the Pre-OT moves on to the next line until completely VGIs.

Do not use to get the TA down.

1. ENVIRONMENT___________________
 2. ARC BREAK ________________
Find any ARC Breaks.

Run them: 
(a) Date ___________________

(b) Identify what it was ________________
(c) Find if it was a break in:
i. Affinity ____
ii. Reality ____
iii. Communication ______
iv. Understanding _____
v. Incomplete action cycle ________
vi. Overrun of an action __________
3. Ignored originations ___________
4. Missed withhold_______________
Handle as M/WH
 5. Motivator____________________
 6. Overt________________________
 7. Present time problem ________________
 8. Problem______________________
 9. Evaluation___________________
 10. Invalidation________________
 11. False Meter read _________
 12. Thetan (BT) overrun __________
 13. Self overrun________________
14. Grade unflat - Whose?__________

15. Cluster_____________________
16. Switched Thetans (BTs) ____________

17. Out of valence______________
 18. Wrong date__________________
 19. Wrong item__________________
 20. Assertion___________________
 21. Suppress____________________
 22. Invalidate__________________
 23. Improperly Audited ____________
 24. Quit________________________
 25. Didn't leave________________
 26. Left________________________
 27. Came back___________________
 28. New one_____________________
 29. Nervous_____________________
 30. Not you_____________________
 31. Abused______________________
 32. Not-is-ed____________________
 33. Suppressed out of existence ________________
 34. Thinks he's you_____________
 35. You think you're another _____________
 36. R3RA (ENGRAM RUNNING) Incomplete______________
 37. Run too many times ____________
 38. Protesting__________________
 39. Helping_____________________
 40. Dead________________________
 41. Animal______________________
 42. Bird________________________
 43 Insect_______________________
 44. Putting them there to run ____________
 45. Still more left_____________
 46. Trying not to be ______________
 47. Stopped_____________________
 48. Getting too many restimulated ______________
 49. An earlier Incident ONE. _____________
 50. An earlier Incident TWO __________________
 51. Earlier mutual cluster-forming incident ____________
 52. Too late on the track ______________
 53. Needs dating________________
 54. Needs locating______________
 55. Part done then abandoned ___________
 56. Too many incomplete cycles ____________
 57. Misunderstood word ____________
 58. Pretending__________________
 59. Lying_______________________
 60. Suppressed hate_____________
61. Love________________________
62. Promised never to leave ____________
63. Something else wrong __________
64. It was all ok_______________


Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.