Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 2, Pre-OT Two. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.


Going Earlier
Earlier Incident One - Earlier Universe


When you run Incident Two on a BT or Cluster and Incident One on a BT you are running Engrams. 
Incident Two was the fourth dynamic Engram that made this planet and whole sector of the universe into a cultural wasteland. 
Incident One is the Basic-basic Engram on a single Being's Time-track in this universe. 

But the significance aside, it is still Engram running. You may have to run Incident Two several times to get it unburdened enough to break up a Cluster or be able to go earlier. You may not have the correct (and earlier) beginning due to the trickery in the incident or due to it took place weeks earlier. 

When running Incident One you may have to go through it several times in order to erase it. 
It follows the rules and laws of Dianetics™ and Engram running.

Not running Indent Two at all, when it is actually available to be run, can also cause that the BT is not unburdened enough to be able to run its Incident One.

Earlier Incident One
If a BT won't blow on running Incident One, even after several passes through, the reason can however be that there was an earlier Incident One.

On some BTs the Solo-auditor will find that there are several earlier Incident One's.
The question "An earlier
Incident One?" will read if there is. That earlier incident is then run.

Just one word of warning: there are only a limited number of earlier Inc. 1's. If you keep going without noticing the blow of the BT being audited you are liable to pick up another BT, not fully ready, and run its Incident One.

Earlier Universe
There were several universes earlier than this one. If
"earlier incident One?" seems to come to an impasse or doesn't work - yet no blow of the BT, check "earlier universe?"
If this is the case it will read and the BT will recognize there was an earlier
universe. When the BT spots this it will blow/FN.

You don't run the incident that happened in the earlier universe. Spotting it is enough and will result in a blow.

Don't take 'earlier universe' too far either. There is an implant which gives a high number of earlier universes which is incorrect.


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