Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 2, Pre-OT Two. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.


Getting Through Pre-OT Three


To complete Advanced Level Three the Solo-auditor has to honestly do it. This is one of these silly basic truths that sometimes gets overlooked.

The better trained the Solo-auditor is, the more likely he or she is to do well. Better general Auditor training means better results in Solo, less need for reviews and more certainty on results and overcoming 'odd phenomena' encountered.

It all comes down to that what you are auditing on Pre-OT III is Thetans. It is not something else. The more certainty the Solo-auditor has in handling a Preclear, handling auditing comm cycle, rudiments, Auditors Code, correction lists and so on the more certain the Solo-auditor will be and the better the BTs or Clusters will respond.

Knowing the Procedures Cold
The Solo-auditor has to know the Pre-OT III procedures cold.  This means formal study with a checksheet and pack to cover all the theory and drilling of the procedures of the level until fully competent at handling whatever "impossible" situation  can come up in session. A procedure such as Date/Locate alone takes a full day of drilling on an average. The whole Pre-OT III pack would be no less than a week's study full time. It has been found that Solo-auditors that were about failing simply didn't know their basic data. They tended to blame their lack of success on vile and ill intended BTs and Clusters, but once they were crammed and drilled to a new level of technical competence any such problems seemed to go away. The need for review sessions went down in direct ratio to their competence as Solo-auditors.

Audit Every Day
Once started on the auditing the Solo-auditor has to make sure he assigns it enough importance and exercise enough self discipline to audit every day. It can be a long Level and causal sessions now and then is not going to do it. Any auditing is best done intensively. If not, the Auditor will simply just cope with out rudiments in life and never really get to handle his basic case. When auditing Pre-OT III the Solo-auditor has to be tuned in to a different world and develop a theta perception not part of daily life. He has to confront a part of existence that was hidden for millions of years. It takes courage, determination and hard work to honestly confront this Level and take the charge apart.

Audit under a Competent C/S
This Level and manual is not a 'do-it-yourself' self-help system. The Solo-auditor has to be trained for the Level and has to be carefully prepared as a case as well. Unless the Pre-OT has honestly completed Advanced Level Two and any other case requirements he is not likely to succeed. 

Even if so prepared it is important to do the Level under competent guidance. We are talking about phenomena and a technology that only a competent Case Supervisor can safely guide a student through. The Solo-auditor should communicate daily with his C/S and closely follow any guidelines and guidance issued by the C/S. If a review session is needed the student must do it. If the C/S insists on more study and drilling - again, follow the C/S instructions closely and religiously.

The student or Solo-auditor should not discuss the materials or his case with anyone except authorized personnel, such as his Course Supervisor, Case Supervisor or director of processing. The materials are unreal or restimulative to most people and there is no good reason to enter into endless or pointless discussions about them with the uninformed. It leads to invalidations and evaluations and is very counter-productive.
The Value of The Level
Level Three is a long and very valuable Grade. It determines whether or not the Solo-auditor will eventually make it to real OT.
The carelessness and casualness with which some Solo-auditors sometimes approach the Level and some Solo-auditors willingness to run one or a few BTs and say "well the rest don't bother me", is simply an indication of weakness or Treason in relation to self, the First Dynamic.
There is no status value in having "no BTs on III" or in only finding a few or a statement like "blew them all in earlier auditing". Any of this indicate a Solo-auditor who is weak and cannot affect others and who needs the handlings in relation to his training and general case preparation.
Advanced Level Three is a vital Grade. One fronts up to it and does it. When he is really done, the rewards of OT III exceed his wildest dreams.

When is the Level Complete
The short answer is, the Level is complete when there are no more BTs and Clusters to audit. But really, today it is a decision the C/S has to have the final word on. It is sometimes advised to end off the Level if it has been run for a long time and just seems to go on and on. Advanced Level Three is an effective way of handling BTs and Clusters but over the years it has become clear that there are many more BTs and Clusters in the Pre-OTs space than just those that respond to Incident Two and One. This was developed into a new set of audited rundowns of Pre-OT Level Four and Five. It is therefore a C/S decision, including taking into consideration the availability of Level Four and Five Auditors, when to end off Advanced Level Three and sending the Pre-OT on his way.


Prometheus International, 2004. Plus fair use quotes from Ron Hubbard's published notes and works.