Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 2, Pre-OT Two. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.


Basic Pre-OT III Data

A human Being in flesh and blood is not a single unit Being.

If a Being were a single unit, separated from all other Beings, conditions and current influences, the task of understanding him would be relatively simple and philosophers would have had it all worked out long ago.

A single-unit Being responds to the most elementary and simple rules and laws you will find in Dianetics™ and Scientology™, such as ARC; the Time-track; mental image pictures; the earlier incident holding the later in place; responses to matter, energy, space, time, form, as well as force; and the Axioms.

But the fact is that a human Being is a composite. There is clearly one being in charge: You. But a human Being is also subject to many other influences. A human in the flesh is 'host' to a great number of other entities. The body is a complex structure with nerve- and command centers  and all have some degree of auto-response and own determinism.

But more to the point at this level is that he is influenced by a great number of lower powered Thetans in his immediate vicinity. At the Level of Pre-OT III we can finally start to analyze and take apart this somewhat confusing structure. Following Pre-OT II the solid nature of this composite that makes up a normal human Being and Preclear has changed. You could say Advanced Level Three is an exercise in taking all this apart and locate and audit these other low powered Thetans and entities, get them untangled from what got them in this state and get them untangled as part of the composite and send them on their way to a better future.

As a result the Pre-OT will get rid of a great many influences that are puzzling to him, holds him back and for all practical purposes may seem to be his Reactive Bank. But the truth is that he got rid of his own Reactive Bank when he went Clear. The entities left are not Engrams or pictures - or at least not his Engrams and pictures. The pictures and masses the Pre-OT may perceive are basically mental masses belonging to these other Thetans we call Body Thetans. 

For a number of years of development of the technology this was not fully known. Apparently a Preclear had Engrams and Engram Chains even after Clear that could be taken up and run as such. But the truth of the matter is, that it wasn't his pictures that were run but the ownership was that of these Body Thetans. This caused many puzzling phenomena to the Pre-OT as well as to the Auditor and Case Supervisor when a Clear person was run on Dianetics™. It is now a firm rule not to run Engrams and Dianetics™ processes on persons after Clear.

The reason you don't run Clears and above on any form of Dianetics™ is because a Clear has erased his own Bank and has no pictures.

If you try to run any type of Dianetics™ on a Clear or above you are simply running BTs pictures.

If you ask a Pre-OT to run a Dianetic Chain he will give you a BTs incident and that's whose Chain will be run. When sent earlier the Pre-OT may pick an incident from another BT now being offered and we have a mess. The Pre-OT ends up stirring up BTs and Clusters and misowning their Engram Chains, as they are not the Pre-OTs Chains. 

The right approach to all this is not to try to run Engrams and incidents as if it was the Pre-OTs but directly address these Body Thetans as individuals, audit them on what they are stuck in and thus enable them to separate out, recognize their own basic nature and enable them to blow off.

That is the first thing to point out at this Level: On Pre-OT III the subject audited is Body Thetans. Body Thetans (BTs) are Thetans stuck to the Pre-OTs body or to the Pre-OT as a Thetan. You are locating these BTs and Clusters in your immediate space. They were mainly victimized by Incident Two - the holocaust that affected all Thetans in this part of the universe. What we are handling on Level Three is thus the indirect effects Incident Two has on the Pre-OT.

More Incident Two Data
Reading through the previous chapters the student should already have a very good idea of the character of Incident Two. The chapter following this contains an even more detailed account. You should have an idea of BTs as single Beings and Clusters; Clusters are groups of BTs that have been crushed together and now think they are one Being. A Cluster is held together by an engramic incident, which can be Incident Two or another violent trauma or accident. 

The holocaust that Incident Two represents was instigated by the then head of the Galactic Federation, Xenu or Xemu.
The Federation consisted of 76 inhabited planets in orbit around the larger stars visible from here. One of the planets was Earth, then called Teegeeack.

This Federation was founded 95 million years ago and existed for twenty million years as the major political force in this part of the universe.

Over time it began to suffer from overpopulation. There were an average population of 178 billion people per planet. Teegeeack (Earth) had an estimated population of 250 Billion people.

The supreme ruler, Xenu, decided to solve the problem of overpopulation with what is known as Incident Two.

It consisted of mass deportation of Xenu's enemies, of unwanted minorities and other population groups to Teegeeack where billions of Beings were mass implanted to prevent that they would ever return to the living.

The mass deported populations (we assume as bodiless Thetans. Editor) were placed on or near the main volcanoes of Teegeeack in boxes. The volcanoes were then blown up with hydrogen bombs. The Thetans were then collected up once more and given extensive Implants stretched over 36 days. This extensive series of Implants is referred to as the R6 Implants or simply 'R6'.

Once again the subjects were collected up. They were brought to two assembly stations. 

Thetans located in the Atlantic area were brought to Las Palmas on the Canary Islands. Thetans in the Pacific area were brought to Hawaii. Here they were further 'packaged' into Clusters of Beings.

Loyal Officers mounted a counter attack against Xenu and his men, largely consisting of renegades.

After six years of fighting Xenu was captured and brought to justice. He was imprisoned in a cage inside a mountain, an electronic device, and reportedly that is where he still is. But ever since Incident Two the Confederation has been a cultural wasteland. 

The length and brutality of this whole Incident caused the whole confederation to be wiped out. The Implants are calculated to kill anyone who tries to undo them. They will bring about disease (such as pneumonia and many other diseases) if they are restimulated or one seriously tries to tackle them on his own. 
A person trying to penetrate the trickery of the Implants may find himself free-wheeling, meaning unwittingly being pulled into and through all the trickery, and die as a result. One thing free-wheeling can result in is sleeplessness to a point where the person dies.

With the technology of Level Three a path has finally been found that can be traveled safely and eventually undo the damage to this sector of the universe.

The Solo-auditor will have to be well trained and follow the instructions of how to audit Incident Two and Incident One exactly and not wander around trying to explore the area on his own.

The materials will have to be audited on one Body Thetan at the time. Sometimes the Pre-OT will first contact Clusters of BTs which will have to be taken apart and each individual BT then taken through the steps.

Ron Hubbard successfully penetrated the incident in December 1967 and believed that many had tried in the past 75 million years but he was the first one to successfully come through alive. 

This was at great personal cost to him as he only got through in a very knocked out state.

Since then he reviewed the materials carefully and found a safe way for others to tackle this disaster on the track. Only a little fraction of the totality of data contained in the R6 Implant incident is needed to successfully get through. As a  matter of fact it is better only to use that narrow track as it has proven safe to follow over many years of delivery now.

Auditing Body Thetans
The way the Solo-auditor contacts these BTs and Clusters is telepathically. The Solo-auditor focuses his attention and intention very narrowly on one entity at the time and takes care of that one BT or Cluster. Solo-auditing at this Level is silent. The Solo-auditor contacts and cleans them off one by one - and sometimes in great numbers with one process cycle. This process is repeated over and over. Each BT will have to be run on the materials of Incident Two and One as needed and called for in the procedure. An individual BT may blow at any point of the procedure and that is the EP as far as the Pre-OT is concerned in relation to that Thetan.

It is important that the Solo-auditor first of all realizes that he is auditing Thetans. They are not principally different from any other Preclear an Auditor audits. They have to be approached under the Auditors Code and good two way communication has to be maintained telepathically. Some of these Thetans are small, some of them are large. Most will respond to the basic procedure right away. Others have to be given more attention in terms of rudiments and other repair actions.

Once a Body Thetan is released from its host it may go off and admire beautiful flowers or pick up a body. A BT taken through its Incident One is a sort of cleared Being. It will eventually regain many of its lost abilities. It may have been asleep for the last 75 million years.

You, the Pre-OT, will remain being you and will be better off without these BTs. They just hold you back. 

Solo-auditing is well suited for the task of cleaning up the mess of being a composite Being. It is much easier for the Pre-OT by himself to separate these BTs out and determine who is what and who not.  

All of a Pre-OTs previous auditing can be seen as a preparation for this Level. Each Grade and successful action blows charge and brings up the Preclear's confront. Each auditing action has made the Preclear less solid and more capable of recognizing self as a spiritual Being and thus capable of separating out these BTs and Clusters from his own beingness.


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