The Sunrise Rundown

The Sunrise Rundown was originally called the Sunshine Rundown™. Due to trademark issues we prefer to use its alternative name, the Sunrise RD. Since it marks the first day and first auditing experience in the new Clear's life this name is fitting.

The Sunrise RD is the first action a Pre-OT does Solo after attesting Clear. The Pre-OT can do it without any additional technical training. Thus he or she does it before doing the Solo Auditors Course. All that is necessary is that the Pre-OT reads and follows the processing sheet, which is in the next write-up.

Ron Hubbard explains the purpose of the Rundown this way:

"The auditing a PC receives up to the point when he goes Clear is subjective (i.e. the PC looking inward into his mind and down the track). The Clear Check auditing which follows picks up any loose ends of BPC and rehabilitates the State of Clear; it too, is subjective. The Sunshine Rundown is an extrovertive action that puts the Clear into communication with the present time environment, perhaps for the first time. Certainly it is the first time that he is in direct perception of the environment, without a bank in the way."

Practical Steps
The Clear Check (sometimes called Clear Certainty Rundown™ or CCRD) is a series of verification and rehabilitation steps where the Auditor and Case Supervisor make sure the PC made it to Clear. Once the PC, the Auditor and the C/S are all convinced the PC made it the win of reaching the state of Clear is rehabilitated. The state of Clear is a permanent state. The joy and certainty of reaching this state is what is being rehabilitated.

Once this is done the new Clear attests to this state.

Immediately after the Clear attest the now Pre-OT does the Sunrise Rundown. It should be done the same day the Pre-OT attests Clear.
The person is no longer a Pre-clear as that means before Clear. The person is now a Pre-OT (before the state of 'Operating Thetan™') and on the way towards new horizons of personal freedom. The Sunrise RD
is the first step on this new ladder.

The Sunrise RD is simple and straight forward to do. The full instructions are all in this short chapter. All the instructions the Pre-OT needs are on the attached process sheet. It is handed to the Pre-OT by a technical delivery person that have him read it on the spot to make sure the instructions are understood. 

The processes are done with the Pre-OT walking around and not in an auditing room. They are unmetered and rudiments are not necessary. It's a short action and the Pre-OT has no need to keep notes but simply writes up his or her experiences immediately after the drills. When the processes are complete the Pre-OT should see the Examiner. Then the Pre-OT writes it all up in the short report and sends it to the Case Supervisor. If all is fine the Case Supervisor has the Pre-OT attest right away.

Once the Sunrise RD is completed the student should start his Solo Auditors Course to enable him to Solo-audit Pre-OT One, Two and Three and so on.

C/Sing the RD
The C/Sing of the RD is very simple. Once the person has attested to Clear the C/S instructs that the Pre-OT does the Sunrise RD
. The Pre-OT is handed the instructions consisting of this short write-up. Once they are understood the Pre-OT is given an envelope with the actual RD drills. These are done in one session. The session write-up is sent to the C/S who quickly ensures that all is ok and that the Pre-OT had F/N VGIs at examiner. Now he tells the Pre-OT that he or she may attest to the Sunrise RD.

The only possible errors on the Sunrise RD itself are that it was overrun or not completed.

If the Pre-OT has bad indicators after the Sunrise RD the C/S would first of all suspect outnesses in the Clear Check auditing and possibly in earlier auditing. This would have to be repaired and handled following normal rules for repair and completion of earlier actions.


Have a good session and have fun!

© Prometheus International, 2004. Plus fair use quotes from Ron Hubbard's published notes and works.