Early Versions of OT One by Ron Hubbard


This chapter shows different experimental versions of Pre-OT I that were in use for shorter periods of time. In July 1968 Ron Hubbard however decided upon an objective version. This 1968 version extroverts the recent Clear person and gets him reoriented in the physical universe after the "loss" of the reactive mind. In that respect the 1968 OT I can be compared with havingness processes run at the end of each lower Grade (Grade 0-4). As you can see several of these earlier experimental Levels went into heavy material on the Pre-OTs time-track. This has now either been dropped completely or have been pushed up to later and higher Levels.

This chapter is mainly based on materials from the Freezone Bible Association's essay on OT I and we have not been able to independently verify its correctness. 

The chronology seems a little out and we will rather leave it as-is with no guarantees of correctness. One thing these notes don't seem to reflect is, that the July 21 1968 version of OT I had a remark that it replaced running the clearing course materials a second time that prior to July 68 was called OT I. 


(Possibly bumped up to become the original OT 4 and may now
be the new OT 8)
OT I Description
L. Ron Hubbard
Earliest OT 1
1. On an E-Meter, find the last 3,000 years of lifetimes. Plot
out the entire 3,000 year chart as follows:
(a) Find an overt lifetime. Get the identity and the
approximate dates of birth and death. Find the overt
and pull all the justifications to it.
(b) Find the following motivator lifetime, and follow
procedure as above. (Identity and dates.)
(c) Find the postulate from each lifetime and the basic
postulate in each group of lifetimes.
(d) Continue the first three steps until the entire 3,000
years is charted and the individuals karma, i.e. (over
motivator sequence) becomes apparent.
(e) In some cases additional benefit could be obtained by
locating the basic misunderstood which proceeded the
basic overt on this chain.


(may have become the second OT 4 briefly before becoming
the first OT 5. Then replaced by the later "Old OT 5/6"
of the 1970s which is an upgrade of route 1 type OT drills.)

(a) Route I ... The entire 15 steps as listed in "Creation
of Human Ability".
(b) With an E-Meter, scan out entire present lifetime to a
floating needle.
(c) Mock-up heat until body feels warm.
(d) Postulating mass: With the use of the E-Meter and the
command "I have Mass", create a reactive mind. Put
sufficient significance on to, it to cause the T.A- to
rise. Then spot it until the T.A. falls and the mass
erases. Run to an FIN. Then mock it up again and erase
it each time to a floating needle. This procedure is
repeated until the Pre-OT is certain he can create and
dissipate a reactive mind.


Third OT I
is done outdoors and consists solely of one
command run until cognition.
"Spot a person"
concludes OT I



(the Clearing Course repeat which later became the Old OT 4 used throughout the 1970s. 


The 1968 version of OT I (July 21 1968). See separate chapter.

This is the version featured in this report.



There were one or two versions released after Ron Hubbard directly did the research and design of processes. Around the same time the Sunshine RDô was released Advanced Level One was changed to a number of problems processes the Solo-auditor would run on self on trouble terminals in his or her life. It was a selection of Grade One problems processes. At the time of the release of the report we had not been able to obtain a copy of this. It is not in general use in the Freezone. There, as a rule, original Ron Hubbard processes are preferred if there is a choice.