An Account of Ron Hubbard's Original Clearing Course

Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested to Grade 6, R6-EW or above and have done a full Solo Auditors Course. 


The following is the list  used on students Solo-auditing on Clearing Course Materials (CC).
It can be done Solo or administered to a Preclear by a qualified Auditor.

The list can be assessed Method 3 or Method 5.
If the Preclear experiences an  ARC Break or BPC while auditing on CC the list is assessed M3. One line will read and the Bypassed Charge is found and indicated. Then the action is repaired or simply done right in a new unit of time.

If the Preclear is sitting in heavy BPC a M5 is done. The whole list is assessed and the biggest read is indicated and handled first. Then the smaller ones.

The L7 should be used sparingly and only when an impasse is encountered. Normally the student would use his understanding of the materials, mechanics and techniques to get himself going and winning.

1. Bypassed some charge?

2. Left an Item charged?

3. Overran and restimulated next Run?

4. Bypassed an Item.

5. Used incorrect form.

6. Bypassed a part.

7. Skipped a Run.

8. Asserted something was there that wasn't.

9. Got two or more Items reversed.

10. Got two parts reversed.

11. Made an unnecessary correction.

12. Got into a wrong Run.

13. Left an earlier Run charged.

14. Used wrong pattern.

15. Called an Item incorrectly.

16. Missed seeing a read

17. Conceived something would never erase.

18. Explored the Bank.

19. Conceived you had contrary data.

20. Neglected suppress.

21. Protest in the sessions.

22. Protest in the incident.

23. False student report.

24. False auditing report.

25. ARC Break in the incident.

26. ARC Break on course.

27. Lack of reply.

28. Delay of materials.

29. Error in materials.

30. Didn't get down to auditing.

31. Turned on somatics.

32. Didn't understand a word.

33. Didn't understand an Item.

34. Didn't understand a form.

35. Refused advice.

36. Worried about progress.

37. Anxious to get through.

38. Invalidation of self.

39. Illegal use of materials.

40. Dissemination of materials.

41. ARC Break with Auditor.

42. Session ARC Break.

43. Other bypassed charge.

44. Upsetting auditing environment.

45. ARC Break with Meter.

46. Not getting off all the reads.

47. Concerned about tone arm position or action.

48. Protesting reads.

49. Assertions about reads.

50. Bored with reads.

51. Jumping about on Items.

52. Impatient with Items.

53. Assertions of not there.

54. Assertions of flatness.

55. Suppression of Part.

56. Suppression of Run.

57. False reports.

58. Falsifying reads.

59. Falsifying assigning charge.

60. False auditing reports.

61. Untrue assertions of state of case.

62. Untrue assertions.

63. Breach of Auditor's Code.

64. Failing to get in Buttons.

65. Unnecessary corrections.

66. Running other processes.

67. Suppressions out of session.

68. Explaining things incorrectly.

69. Looking for things not there.

70. Illegal use of materials.

71. Illegal issue.

72. Use of materials to restimulate.

73. Withholding materials.

74. No auditing.

75. Using other remedies.

76. Unworthy intentions.

77. Ingratitude.

78. Invalidation of activity.

79. Overrunning ARC Breaks.

80. Invalidation of clearing.

81. Invalidation of Clear.

82. Upset from auditing directives.

83. Misunderstood word.

84. Running with no reads.

85. Knowing best.

86. Suppression from environment.

87. Invalidating source of ARC Break.

88. Protesting assertions of this list.

89. Assertions of this list.

90. Suppressing this list.

91. ARC Break on doing this list.

92. Upset handled.

93. Made a mistake.

94. Made trouble where there was none.

95. Invalidating correct actions.

96. Invalidating the success of your auditing.

97. Dragging an unrun Item up through others.

98. Not erasing when spotting.

99. Not spotting more than once.

100. Not calling an Item more than once.

101. Calling lights or objects aloud instead of spotting.

102. Not spotting objects simultaneously.

103. (CC only) Missed a light.

104. (CC only) Missed more than one light.

105. Not spotting the Thetan.

106. A decision been made.

107. Blown from the Bank.

108. Is anything or anyone suppressing reads.

109. Is anything or anyone suppressing this Meter.

Procedure first published by Ron Hubbard. As it is a procedure it can't be copyrighted.