From 'Road to Clear' Level 5. Courtesy Clearbird Publishing:

Note: "ST" stands for Standard Technology.


State of Clear



PCs can go Clear on Engram Clearing, not on the Grades 0-4. The Grades 0-4 can produce states of Release and even exteriorize people. These are all very worthwhile states of Being to reach. Sometimes PCs rave about this and say, "This must be Clear!" The state of Clear is however something else. It is defined this way:

A Clear is a Being who no longer has his own Reactive Mind.

A person in a state of Release still has his Reactive Mind. It has simply been keyed out; and on major release states it has apparently completely vanished. It is nowhere to be found. Obviously, "that must be Clear!"


A PC with a "Cloud 9" win may be 
convinced he went Clear. The Bank 
is nowhere to be found. But it is still 
   there if PC was only run to 
Release on processes. 


Such a state of release can last for days, weeks and even years. But it is not a permanent state as the Bank can again key in. The PC may not suspect that this could ever happen, but it lies in the very nature of the processes that got him there.


Big Bank - Small PC
something has to be done!

Grades 0-4:
The Bank is still there, but 
  keys out and seems small.  

Engram Clearing: Each Chain 
is erased and eventually the 
whole Bank is gone. This 
can happen before all possible 
Chains are run and is a 
huge win and cognition.


On Grade 0-4 we go for Key-out. On Grade 5, Engram Clearing, we go for Erasure.
Doing the Grades 0-4 have many benefits. Major problems and difficulties in a person's life gets straightened out. As a result of Grade 0-4 the PC will experience a complete new outlook on life. He will have moved up the tone scale, awareness scale and any other scale there is. He will have looked upon and As-is-ed mental masses in his Bank. But as we know from Engram Clearing we need to find basic and erase the basic Engram to have an absolute permanent and stable gain in an area.

The Grades 0-4 is the fast way to unburden a case and make him capable of confronting the core of his Bank. That does not mean that this core, the basics, are gone. It means they have lost a lot of their power and are now much easier to get to and handle for good.

So if we for a moment look at the Grades 0-4 from the viewpoint of Engram Clearing, what has happened is, that many, many Locks and Secondaries have been audited out. The masses of the Bank have been inspected and as a result the whole Bank is less solid, less capable of stringing the PC along as a puppet. We have unburdened the case enormously. But until the basic incidents are found, the postulates at the time of the incidents are found and, as a result, the basic incidents erased, they are still capable of affecting the PC negatively. The difference between key out and erasure is thus the key to understand the difference between Release and Clear.

Grades 0-4 produce key outs and releases.

Engram Clearing Produces Erasures and ultimately Clears.

Grade 0-4 is thus a preparation for Engram Clearing. We straighten the PC out, put order in his life, relationships, and outlook on life and as a result he is in much better shape. But our hidden motive all along was to put him into a case shape, where he can contact and erase the real basic Engrams on the case.

So why does the definition of Clear state "...a Being who no longer has his own Reactive Mind." What is the reason "his own" is put in there?

The Nature of a Being
The reason is: what we see as a human Being, a person, is not a single-unit Being. There is the phenomena known as valences. A person can be himself, but he can also be convinced he is another person or thing entirely. This makes the situation more complex than a single-unit Being.

 The Genetic Entity 
(Somatic Mind) has a 
   Time-track of its own   
with Engrams, etc.

Then there is the matter of the Thetan being in a body. You don't have that many PCs without one. The body is a very complex organism or thing; obviously alive; obviously very complicated. It has a profound influence upon the Thetan; it is quite capable of having aberrations of its own. Just ask a medical doctor. A body has a command structure not unlike an organization or country. Here we are into the realm of the Somatic Mind, mentioned under "What is Auditing" in ST0. The Somatic Mind is sometimes called the Genetic Entity. R. Hubbard described all these phenomena in a book called "A History of Man".

The Genetic Entity seems to have a Time-track of its own. It can have Engrams separate from the Engrams on the PCs Time-track. Research of this is sketchy, but it seems to support Darwin's theory of Evolution to some extent. The Genetic Entity is complex. There is a boss or head of state. There are sub-bosses in control of specific functions and organs. These occasionally show "a mind of their own". This can be caused by Engrams recorded by the Genetic Entity. When they do this too much, you have a malfunctioning or sick body as a result. Normally it all runs as a well greased machine. But if you have an organ acting up, try to address that organ as you would a PC. You will make some amazing and alarming discoveries. You may also get a PC who again is well.

There are other phenomena under the headline of entities. We will find units which under close inspection seem to have a life of their own. It can be ridges full of pictures. It can be lifelike units, possibly Beings in their own rights. They can be contacted with auditing techniques and be audited and "blow" (move away) as a result. Each one of those things can be a thinking entity. It thinks it's alive. Some of them it may be possible to bring to life, apparently. It can think it's a Being and be audited, as long as energy is fed to it.

Contacting such entities directly and auditing them is however outside the realm of Grade 0-5. But it has to be known to Grade 0-5 PCs and Auditors that other factors than the PCs own Time-track and Bank are at work and do have an influence upon the PC. The entities follow all the rules and laws and phenomena of single Beings. Some of them may very well be single Beings.

Then there are the influences of other people around your PC. From a single, simple Being there are complication after complication coming into view, when you take a real deep look. It is the complexity and compilation of all these factors we really have to deal with in every session. It is the combinations of all this we address when we seek to guide or handle a normal human Being or PC. That is actually why Objective Processes are so effective; they get most of these factors to go in the same direction.

In researching all this many, many things have been tried. But the complexity of a Being does, that there are an infinity of wrong ways, that lead you astray. And only a very few right ways to achieve the state of Clear. There may be other ways slightly different from what you have here. The Grades as presented, however, is a well tested path, which has been in use for many, many years and walked by thousands of happy PCs.


   In ST we concentrate on the PC. 
The Thetan, his Bank and Time-track. 
   There are still "loose ends" after Clear.


What we do in Grade 0-5 is, we concentrate upon the PC, his Bank and his Time-track. We could fill his body with drugs and get some astonishing effects. We could start to audit the Genetic Entity only, other entities or body organs and basically get nowhere in terms of clearing the PC. Sometimes these things turn up as an illness or condition right in our way. Early on this does not make much of a difference. We constantly try to "find and audit the incident the PC is in". Before a person goes Clear the body-Thetan (body-soul) is more of a composite. Normally the PC thinks of his body as the most important part of him, of course. Part of the Engrams run on ST5 may thus be from this 'body-soul' composite or the Genetic Entity. The further the PC gets in auditing the more important the PCs Thetan Time-track becomes as he begins to feel and see the difference. The Genetic Entity incidents are less part of PCs case. What is important to audit is simple to determine, when you use a Meter. You audit what reads well and has PCs interest. That is how the complexity is taken apart.

You may wonder, if there some day will be invented a pill, that could clear the person. There isn't. All drugs have accomplished in terms of the mind is, drugs reduce a Thetan's ability to create mental image pictures. You have "anti-depressants" and "anti-psychotics" drugs. Over time they pretty much destroy the person. The pictures that bothered the PC are still there and will act up again as soon as he is off that drug or the drug simply stops working. That drugs stop working after a while is well known, even from painkillers and sleeping pills. Sometimes drugs can help a person's ability to create pictures for a short while. This is especially true for street drugs. That is how artists get hooked. As with most drugs/medicines, they stop working after a while. Now the person thinks bigger doses will work, but drugs are essentially poisons. Some drugs can make a Thetan exteriorize, but usually in a traumatic or engramic way. Sooner or later it causes the symptoms known as Out-int in a violent way.

To go Clear and achieve a permanent desirable state the Bank has to be As-is-ed and erased as described in the manual. Full recovery of a Thetan's abilities seldom happens fast and cases need an awful lot of work and auditing. It takes time and dedication to go Clear. But the end result, if you follow the rules and laws carefully and with good heart, can be obtained. What you achieve is a permanent state. You have to know your business to obtain this every time.

So when we say a Clear is a Being who no longer has his own Reactive Mind, you should understand, then, that this is not the end of all possible reactive influences a Being is subject to. But when we in Engram Clearing go down Engram Chain after Engram Chain and erase them, we are handling the most important aspects of a Beings case. Eventually we are only handling the PCs Thetan Time-track, incidents and his own Reactive Mind. Eventually that will 'erase', meaning the PC no longer has his own Reactive Mind.

There are Levels beyond Clear which at great t length and in detail address these entities and handle the influences they have on a PC. This is an entirely new level of auditing, not covered in ST (Standard Technology). It is covered in the Advanced Levels (also known as Operating Thetan™ Levels). They are described in part in Filbert's book, "Excalibur Revisited" and elsewhere.



"A Clear is a Being 
   who no longer has his   
own Reactive Mind"


EP of Engram Clearing
The desired end phenomena of Engram Clearing is thus the state of Clear. Before 1981 and the extensive use of R3RA is wasn't widely recognized, that people could go Clear on this auditing. The reason for this is, that Engram running seem to be somewhat possible even after Clear. It just starts to run differently. What is happening is, that all the entities and the body itself (the Genetic Entity or Somatic Mind) may begin to offer incidents to run. But as a matter of fact there will be a lot of jumping from one Chain to another, somatics turning on and not easy to turn off again. You seem to have "a choice of basics", but none of them making totally sense. If a PC has run well and deep and achieved good erasures and suddenly needs a correction list twice in every session, the chances are, that the PC went Clear. The question is asked on L3RH and will possibly read and the read be confirmed by the PC.

Should the PC express, that he believes he went Clear and you get a pattern as described here, you should cease Engram Clearing and any Engram running. The true state of case has to be sorted out first.

Clear Intensive
This is done in a Clear Intensive. This has to be done by an independent and qualified Auditor. The reason for this is, that it is a sort of examination. Done by the same Auditor, he will all too easily get caught up in the PCs and his own enthusiasm. That is also the reason it is not included in the manual. You will have to find an Auditor qualified to deliver this service and let him do it and determine the state of case. There are two possible outcomes of such a Clear Intensive:

1. The PC is found to have made it. He is sent to attest and will be validated as having gone Clear.

2. It is found, that the PC is not yet Clear. In this case he attests to, that he is satisfied with the outcome of the Clear Intensive. If he has not yet completed all the Rundowns of Engram Clearing he is simply put back on Engram Clearing and will receive more Engram running auditing.

Completing Engram Clearing
The typical outcome of Engram Clearing is, that the PC goes Clear. This happens for over 90% of all PCs. It is however possible to complete all Rundowns of Engram Clearing and have all possible somatics handled without going Clear. In such a case the PC attests to the Grade being complete. The PC should then contact a qualified Clear Intensive Auditor for further service. There is a line-up of Rundowns and processes - most of them done as Solo - (meaning the PC audits himself on specific processes under supervision) that will take him to the state of Clear. See chapter on Advanced Levels.

Attested Clear, but Still has Somatics
The PC can have gone Clear and it all checked out, but he still has somatics. This is due to the complexities described above under Nature of a Being. These can still be addressed in advanced auditing. There is such auditing as Engram Clearing for Operating Thetans™ or NOTS (Advanced Level 5). It addresses entities, etc. which in these cases are found to be the reason for the persistent somatics.