Pilot on Routine R6 End-Words


Step 28: The Force on Words
Part of the reactive A=A is to equate words with the force or mockups that the word represents. GPM End-words and Root-words are actually Locks on real impacts associated with words. Here we want to blow the mechanism by which the person mocks up the force when the word is said.
This is slightly experimental.
Take a fiction book filled with violence etc., find a violent section of it, and start reading it.
Repeat the following with each paragraph (if the paragraph is really long, break it in half, if its excessively short, then combine two paragraphs):
As you read, mockup an impact for each verb, based on the literal meaning of the verb (not the story content that you are reading).
Read the paragraph again, this time, mockup a picture of impact without force for each verb.
Read the paragraph again, this time only reading the words and mocking up nothing.
Read the paragraph again, and mockup a mass for each noun.
Read the paragraph again, and mockup a picture, without mass, for each noun.
Read the paragraph again, this time mocking up nothing.
Then go on to the next paragraph.

Step 29: Dramatization
It would be a shame to miss out on the "what am I dramatizing" process from Grade 6.
But up this high, and run on someone who is probably already clear, the answers might not be in terms of simple implant GPM root and End-words. You would have to let the answer be whatever it was going to be. The handling, per 3rd ACC style tech, would be to causatively dramatize it (or mockup dramatizing it) and then and then not dramatize it (or mockup not dramatizing it) alternately it until it blows. Then get the next thing, etc.

Step 30: Force
It would be nice to get the person's confront up on force before doing extensive Dianetics™ processing. Perhaps, "what force would you be willing to confront", or even some of the courage processing from the 3rd ACC (discussed in another write-up).
Another good process might be "Spot some impacts you could be curious about

Step 31: Goals
Before directly addressing Goals, it would be nice to key them out. The second and third ACCs give us some techniques here, such as "spot some Goals you don't have".

Step 32: The Actual GPM
This would be a good point to find the actual GPM Goal as discussed in the write-up on actual GPMs. Unlike implanted Goals, this actual Goal does not have to be handled or opposed after it is found. It is comfortable and satisfying to know what it is even if it hasn't been fully discharged. On a first pass through the Grade Chart, it might not be appropriate to do a full handling or line plot, but the Goal should at least be found.
Note that all of the above Grades are key-outs. You could do them lightly or deeply, and take multiple passes as needed. Only the final one (handling the current actual GPM) might conceivably be taken to erasure early on. I think that at the top, these will erase in reverse order, working from step 32 down to step 1.