Filbert on Routine R6 End-Words


Your next action on them, since they can Solo-audit is to do some word clearing. You word clear what a Goals-Problems-Mass is which is already defined in here. You clear GPM, as a Goals-Problems-Mass. A GPM is composed of mental masses and significances which have an exact pattern unvarying person to person whose significances dictate a certain type of behavior and whose masses when pulled in on the individual cause psychosomatic illnesses, pains or feelings of heaviness and tiredness.

Then, you word clear "End-word" as the last word in a Goal, the common denominator to the whole of the GPM, the final word of a Goal.

Then, you word clear -dramatization as to repeat in action what has happened to one in experiences it is something that is being played out of another time and period and complete dramatization is complete identity, and that when dramatizing, the individual is like an actor playing his dictated part and going through a whole series of irrational actions. You clear up dramatizing as a person acting out a script.

Then, you explain to the person that approximately 15% of the Reactive Mind is made up of pictures, 85% of it, the core, is made up of Goals, huge masses and GPMs and that the 15%, those pictures, have been run off on their Dianetics™, and a lot of material has been run off on the other auditing that they have received; however, what you are going to do is ungroup the GPMs that are bunched together on the individual in a manner like the Indians taking passes around the circled covered wagons.

What you are going to do here is to just shave off the edges of the Reactive Mind and get another 5% of it erased simply by running off the End-words. You clear up that a "Lock End-word" is a Lock onto the End-word. Basically explain to the PC at this point that "lousy" is probably not an End-word, but if that comes up as an answer and the same type of idea comes to mind, reword it. If they come up with words ending with -ness, -ity, -ion, they are getting warm. Lousy would be a Lock on possibly futility or desperation, these would be actual End-words and the Meter will respond incredibly well when they get the one and the dramatization will erase.

You then issue them the commands for Grade VI, which are run repetitively to EP on each flow.

1st flow: What is another causing you to dramatize?
2nd flow: What are you causing another to dramatize?
3rd flow: What is another causing others to dramatize?
4th flow: What are you causing yourself to dramatize?

They should run enough of this to where they no longer dramatize and can see these dramatizations on the 3rd flow and don't cause others to dramatize and won't allow others to kick in dramatizations on them. You give them that particular reality factor and send them off to Solo-audit the Level.

I suppose the ultimate in the Level would be for them to get down to running dramatization as an End-word. There would probably be nothing left to run after that. But what occurs by them running this Level is they attain Grade VI Release which is Whole Track Release. Their Whole Track will just pop off of them. They will attain freedom from dramatization as a state. They will get a return of power to act on their own determinism, they won't have to act out of Bank anymore, and they will realize that that is what they have been doing until this Level. It's quite quick, flashy and profound.

I'd say 99% of all the previous philosophical thought in recorded history, whether it is Buddhism, Christianity, Mormon, the majority of religious philosophy gets up to this level, and just stumbles around. They never come out of it, it never occurred to any of them that it was an implanted Bank. So, once your Preclear is through this, he has risen above all of his predecessors in a social sense, never to return to just acting things out.