From: Super Scio, Page 166. © The Pilot.


by The Pilot

Middle period Scientology™ [1960s] only had 3 upper Grades. These were Power (Grade 5), Power plus (Grade 5A), and Grade 6. These have mostly disappeared because they are not supposed to be run on a clear, and most people get run on Dianetics™ instead and reach Dianetic clear when they do.

I think that this is a mistake. Power processing sometimes produced a case state that was higher than the current OT7 and its a shame to bypass it. It probably can be done on a clear, but you would probably get in trouble trying to introduce it into the middle of the orgs current OT processing because they've got the person all stirred up and in the middle of stuff for the entire run from OT2 (or the old clearing course) up to OT7 because they are restimulating things without complete handling until he makes it through Solo NOTs. With the correct data and techniques (see earlier in this write-up),
that probably ceases to be a problem, but even then you would have to be careful not to jam these Levels into the middle of something that is only halfway handled and drawing the guy's attention.

In an ideal lineup, I think you would run these things before you went into a major Dianetic processing level. That doesn't mean that you can't do some Dianetic handling or other incident running (a bit of that is nice as an introduction to the subject) but that the thorough go for broke intensive Dianetic rundowns should be done after power processing etc. The whole idea of power was to key out Engrams wholesale and that would set the guy up to run Dianetics™ as a fast and effective level. He might even run Dianetics™ Solo with that kind of preparation.

Step 21: Location
One of the basic aberrations is being located in a single location. Here is where we should run the "From where could you communicate to ..." style processes. Then do a similar rundown on "from where could you (agree / disagree - alternately) with ....".
Then run "from where could you perceive a ...". If possible, you should get to the point where you don't need to be here to perceive and operate here. That would be going exterior to the physical universe.

Step 22: Causation
Now in the same style, run "from where could you mockup ...". You should work up to things like somatics, sensations, emotions, bodies, games, and machinery, and then finish off with "from where could you mockup a Bank". This might produce a clear.

Step 23: Sources
Here would be the place to run spotting sources (power process 4 which is the first one normally run). But with the above preparation, it would probably be runnable as a simple spotting process instead of an exotic listing technique. They used to run this on people who had received a total of ten or twenty hours of auditing in their whole lives and of course it ended up as a hot out-gradient process with all sorts of special rules and worries connected with it.
But this needs to be an expanded level instead of a single process.
One interesting thing I noticed in various freezone write-ups on this process is that the people who wrote them generally thought that the process ended with the cognition that "I'm source" or something like that. Well that's nice and its probably what you get most of the time (and you have to take what you can get without invalidating or continuing), but I went clear and keyed out OT on this process and something more happened.
When I was run on it, I thought that the command was a covert way of getting me to spot the time and place where I had first mocked up a Reactive Mind and from where I was still mocking the Bank up even now. And that is what I spotted, and that's why I got the spectacular result instead of the mundane one.
So lets run more processes here, aimed at reaching that higher state. This might include "spot a source that you/another/others are mocking up". "spot a time when you mocked up a Bank", etc.
Another good process to run here would be (run alternately):
a) What have you created
b) What has another created
c) What have others created

Step 24: Power
Here would be the rest of Grade 5. Again, it probably needs to be expanded and have more processes aimed at the result.
This would be an appropriate place to put some more processes on the subject of Not-is-ness.
A) Recall Not-is-ing something
Recall another Not-is-ing something
Recall others Not-is-ing something
B) Write down some things that mustn't be allowed to appear.
If one doesn't blow by inspection, then mockup copies of it and throw them
away/shove them into the body.
C) Spot times when you decided it was safer not to look, then mockup looking at what you avoided seeing.
D) Handle Overts of getting others not to look Handle Overts of getting others to Not-is things
E) Write down some things it would be better for people not to know about. For each one, run alternately, what should/shouldn't be known about it.

Step 25: Power Plus
Here would be the Grade 5A processes. Again, more are needed.
Some possible ones are as follows:
Agreements (run alternately)
a) What agreements have you made
b) What agreements have you disagreed with.
(then run the same on flows 2 and 3)
25.2 Enforced Agreements
a) What agreements have you enforced on another
b) What agreements have you inhibited
(also run on flows 2 and 3)
25.3 Create
a) What effect would you be willing to create
b) What effect would you be willing for another to create
25.4 Enforced Create
a) What do you have to mockup
b) Give me some reasons for mocking that up
(also run on flows 2 and 3)
25.5 Win/Lose
a) Give me a reason for winning
b) Give me a reason for losing
(also run on flows 2 and 3)

Step 26: Perception
This might be a good place to run some processes on perception. Maybe "What would you be willing to let others see" etc. Another action might be to do the rudiments on each of the 5 senses.

Step 27: Protest
This is a hot Button. It not only causes things to read that are not there, it causes the
PC to mockup things that aren't really wrong with him. What you resist, you become. If you insist that somebody is stupid and they protest heavily, it can get them resisting being stupid and trying to prove that they're not and that can lead to dramatizing stupidity.
Currently we only use this as one of the prepcheck Buttons or a repair question. We could use some general processing here. Possibly something like "what have you protested", "what did you mockup to communicate that" run alternately.