Filbert on Power Processing


The next level up is called Power Processing. The reason this is done, is the PC has one singular Engram, one singular incident, which holds him as a Being to the core of his Reactive Mind. When he received this Engram he was in a much higher awareness state and it was a very long time ago. It is a personal, individual Engram, it is different for each person. So, the PC can't particularly run the Engram, and yet, you need the core of their Reactive Mind off the individual. So, the solution to this particular dilemma is to run Power Processes which are philosophical processes. They are designed to discharge the circuits within the Engram to the degree that they Engram will disintegrate, and the Being will pop free from the core of the Reactive Mind and be in a state of temporary Clear.

If the lower Bridge is done sloppily or improperly, which is, of course, the case within the churches, they use Power Processing to resolve this, thus it takes a long time. They sort of use it as a Roto-Rooter, to where a person will be able to make some progress on their OT Levels.

The churches, as far as the technical divisions, operate on a pass-the buck system to where no one is absolutely responsible or in any degree responsible. It is a bureaucracy (like a government); there is no one person responsible for the PCs making case gain or getting up the Bridge correctly. So, if the person comes in through a Centre, or a field Auditor, or a church and they make some errors, then by the time he goes to a Central Organization, they say, "Well, we will do the best we can do." Then, they pass the buck onto whoever does the Power Processing. They look at the previous work, which is uniformly pathetic, and so they run the hell out of Power Processing on the individual, and then they pass the buck to the Advanced Orgs. At the Advanced Organizations they teach the person how to Solo-audit, and then a person kind of fakes it through the Solo-auditing, in most cases getting between 1% or 2% of the gain that he should of gotten out of his upper Levels. That is the churchy order-of-the day.

I have defined the purposes, and the unfortunate misapplications, of Power Processes. The story behind them is a bit of a tragedy because L. Ron Hubbard developed these privately and he ran them on himself, and left them unflat. He's got them backwards, and has been kind of crazy ever since 1965. Prior to that particular period in time, he seemed to be essentially rational. Since that period or time he has been essentially irrational. His error is actually on the first process, Due to the fact that he made this error, compounded by the fact that his following in the churches are on a monkey-see, monkey-do basis, physically, mentally, and spiritually with this man, they uniformly run the processes to the same unflat point that he did.

The first process you run alternately, two commands, to EP.

Tell me a source.
Tell me a not source.

You could run it the other way: What is source. and What is not source. It is preferable to use "Tell me." You can word clear these out of a dictionary that "source" is an origin point on something. The PC will rather quickly come up with himself as source and be grinning ear to ear over that, and have little to no understanding of not source. This is the point that L. Ron Hubbard stopped. This is the point that most church people stop on this particular process. Although, there is a floating needle, although there is a grin on the person's face, they still have no understanding of not source, so it is an unflat process. Of course, they have had an exactly-backwards End Phenomena. You keep running the process until they get this thing straightened out, and realize that they are not source and that there are a lot of not sources out there. They start to understand the first and second axioms that they are a life static and they will cognite that they have been identified with particular viewpoints or a singular viewpoint in the physical universe, and had actually thought they were sources, and that is a very silly and absolutely ridiculous thing to do; to identify and be a point within a matter, energy, space, time continuum, much less this one. At that point the process is flat.

If you are dealing with someone who has already been run on this, and it takes you more than two hours, and they are still not figuring it out, they are never going to figure it out. It is time to grab some dictionaries and clear the hell out of these words real well, demo kit "source" to where they understand what the hell that means. Have them read the axioms. So, this particular tragic error which seems to be uniform in folders is the reason that most people who get Power Processing cave in after it and actually get worse.

Your next process, also run alternately to EP, is

What is?
What isn't?

Of course, you word clear both of those. This normally runs quite clean to a big recognition. It will run off some crazy circuits, but it will normally run quite clean to the recognition that Is-ness is the apparency defined As-is-ness and they will cognite on what particular isn't that they have been stuck in (that they thought was an "is") and come forward to present time.

If it bogs and you get nothing but philosophical circuits and this "Is-Isn't Process" won't run, you will have to come off this particular process (and I mean a hard bog, it's just not running, the TA is not moving, the PC is not getting any change out Or it and the PC is getting more solid and you have run for 20 - 30 minutes this way). Then, you need to simply suspend that process and flatten the following, two commands, run alternately to EP

What philosophy have you encountered?
What solutions have you had to that?

When you run this, it's extremely muzzled, very strict TR-0 through 4, and after they have EP'ed on that then return and flatten "Isn't".

Your final process is also two alternating commands,

What condition have you encountered?
What solution have you had to that?

This can be a long run. To the degree that the lower Bridge is in correctly, it is very short To the degree that the lower Bridge is done improperly, it is very long. You need to run this to where the person is senior to conditions. Without any question, they are going to end up eventually at the first condition that they encountered which would either be As-is-ness, truth, state of a life static, and what solution they had to that would be Alter-is-ness or lying and they have been lying ever since. So, when you hit that particular type of EP, you get the hell out of it because it is the first condition they encountered and that is their first change. Then, they will understand that truth is power, etc. Now you have completed the Power Processing on the individual.

To verify that they have made it, that it is complete, not only will they have changes and wins beyond their wildest dreams, but they will have a change in their peripheral perception and you should verify that. It should be significant. If that hasn't occurred, there is something extremely wrong, you didn't get it. Watch for those three particular EPs, that they are not a source, they are a life static, they had the wrong is ness going and they encountered truth or their own personal knowingness and the solution that they have had to that, that they have been stuck in ever since, which happens to be lying or involvement with the physical universe or whatever If you will watch for those three EPs, there is no question they will have a change in peripheral vision and feel quite fantastic. So, that is Power Processing properly done I have never seen it done properly in or by a church.

Grade VA, Power Plus, is next. You have a selection of a number of processes to use. It is very dangerous to run: "What terminals have you known?" or "What is your terminal?"  It is not a good way to go. You can get into a lot of hot water, if you run: "What conditions have you encountered?" and "What event did that resolve?"  Those are for very specialized cases (pretty screwed up ones).

99% of the time, what you should use is the following,

What agreements have you made?

If your Preclear is pretty dumb, you can alter the command to:

What agreements have you made that you regretted?

If you don't know whether the PC is dumb or not, run what reads best. In either case, run the appropriate command to EP.

The second process that you run to EP is:

What cause did you become the effect of?

You have to word clear this properly You aren't really shopping for Grade II type EPs, You are looking for an external force that they became the effect of. In other words, they are a ship moving through life, and then a strong storm came along and blew them off course, and they have been off course ever since. You are looking for what outside cause they became the effect of. You flatten that to an EP, then they have attained the state, the End Phenomena of Power Plus. These things are on the Grade Chart.

On Grade V, Power Processing, they attain the awareness levels of purposes, clearing and realization. On Grade VA, Power Plus, they gain awareness of conditions. On Power Processing, they gain freedom from the inability to handle power and they gain the ability to handle power. On Power Plus, they gain freedom from the detested parts of the track and it stabilizes their ability to handle power.