Warning: These materials are only to be read and used by students ready for the Level. To qualify you have to have attested Clear and done Advanced Level 2, Pre-OT Two. The student should also be a trained Solo-auditor.


Hubbard on Incident Two

This is a long summary of data related to Incident Two. It's based on an hour-long recorded lecture by Ron Hubbard. A shorter summary exists. That summary is all that is recommended to know before auditing the Level.
The present lecture was given to Class Eight students October 3, 1968 on board the Flagship Apollo. The title of the lecture is 'Assists'.

Incident Two happened just under 75 million years ago. It was a political event and a catastrophe that wiped out the Galactic Confederacy.

The Confederacy was an interplanetary empire covering the inhabitable planets of 21 stars in this section of the universe, including our sun (Sol) and the Northern Star (Polaris) and 19 others.

There were 76 such inhabited planets.

Incident Two was the disaster that ended that empire and made this section of the universe into a cultural wasteland.

The incident itself is about 36 days long and very involved and complex. It starts normally some time earlier with a physical capture of the person that later was transported to earth and Implanted here for an extensive period of time with a series of complex and hideous Implants. These Implants, to this day, determines what we think, what our civilization and technology looks like, the structure of many social and religious institutions, ideas held true in many sciences, and so on.

The Capture
When we are talking about auditing OT III materials we are talking about auditing BTs and Clusters formed or marked by this disaster. 

When we are talking about the capture in the incident itself we are however not talking about people chasing Thetans with nets of one kind or the other. It's more like a police arrest of a physical and real person. Enemies of the supreme ruler Xemu and unwanted elements would be arrested in droves. 

(You could see Hitler's rounding up of Jews, gypsies and other unwanted population groups as a dramatization of 'the capture'. Editor.)

One tactic was to call people in for a tax audit and then just make the person disappear.

You see this dramatized in one form or another by the US Tax office (IRS) and by governments around the world today. It is a straight dramatization of R6.

Daily life at the time looked very much like it does today. The cars looked like 1950s,1960s cars. The clothes, the trains, etc., etc. looked very much like today. The houses and streets would look very familiar to man of today. You may ask: "How could such a coincident take place?".
Well, it isn't a coincident at all. Our culture simply looks like what the R6 Implant of Incident Two dictates us to make it all look like. Our culture and civilization is in other words a dramatization of Incident Two in many fine details of our culture and expressed in many ways through irrational behavior of man.

Xemu (or Xenu)
There was quite a political unrest and upheaval taking place at the time before R6 took place.
The Confederacy was headed by a supreme ruler. The ruler was elected by the parliament or congress of the times. The members of this elective body were called the Loyal Officers. They were elected by the people of the various planets, provinces and states of the empire and were loyal to the people.

The supreme ruler at the time was called Xemu (or Xenu) and he was in a lot of trouble with the Loyal Officers who were about getting rid of him and replace him in office. But he had no intention of letting this happen without a fight and he seemed to spare no effort when it came to intrigues and trickery and vile acts to hold onto power.

He was a suppressive to end all suppressives. As any man in power he had a power base of people that were following and supporting him in all his efforts. He had his own network of obedient administrators, military men, heads of planets and of various powerful political and administrative positions.

He saw it as his first objective to get rid of all his enemies, who happened to be the good guys. He wanted to get rid of the Loyal Officers and powerful people throughout the Empire supporting them. 
(Apparently the Loyal Officers was a whole class of people - like noblemen - from which the members of parliament were chosen. Editor.)

He also wanted to get rid of large sections of unwanted elements or groups of the population to solve overpopulation and orchestrated a holocaust to end all holocausts to that end.

In the process of all this Xemu used the existing police and army and manipulated them with false explanations for orders and actions. Troops were sent against troops under false pretenses and made to wipe each other out. (According to other data he was also forming up military units of renegades, of criminalized people forced, blackmailed and paid to do the dirty work. Editor).

It was an all out civil war resulting in a complete wipe out of that civilization.

The Transport
One of the tricks of getting a Thetan locked up and trapped was to shoot the body with a needle into the lung. At the same time the Being was hit with a mixture of frozen alcohol and glycol. This method was effective in picking up the Thetan of the person. The frozen body was then put into refrigeration and the Thetan could not escape. 

(It is not quite clear from the lecture if the bodies had to be transported or the Thetans could be transported as frozen units. L. Kin is sure only the Thetans were picked up. In the book 'A History of Man' Hubbard also talks about a method used at some time of Whole Track history of freezing Thetans into ice cubes and transporting them in this form. From the context we assume that only the Thetans in some preserved or frozen form were transported and the bodies left behind. Editor).

The victims were boxed up in boxes and transported to Teegeeack (Earth) in space crafts that had a remarkable resemblance with modern planes (such as DC-8s). The only difference was, that these space crafts did not have propellers as they had more advanced engines for inter-planetary travel. 

These space crafts would travel with speeds much higher than the speed of light. Einstein's theory that speed of light is the fastest speed obtainable does not hold up.

The distance from the planet Coltus to Teegeeack took nine weeks. Coltus is a planet to the North Star (Polaris) and measured in light years the distance  is many light years away.

Billions and billions of individuals were transported in this manner to Teegeeack - this present planet Earth we are living on today.

Apparently Teegeeack was not the target  for all these hostilities but simply the chosen killing ground. The people of Teegeeack weren't picked up but were simply being shot so they wouldn't interfere or blown up when the planet was blown up.

The boxes and boxes with Beings were brought in and dumped on the surface of Teegeeack (presumably near volcanoes. Editor). 

The volcanoes were then bombed with hydrogen bombs and this blew everything up.

The Thetans in the boxes were hurled into the air as incredible forces and winds were generated by the explosions.

Some kind of electric or electronic grid or ribbon was established. Maybe some kind of electromagnetic field. It is described as some kind of standing wave or vacuum zone erected over the area.

These vacuum zones scooped up the Thetans that were being hurled around. The Thetans were brought down, packed up and given a long series of Implants consisting of pictures and sounds.

CC and OT II
They were first given a series of Implants known as the Clearing Course (CC). Then they were given the series known as OT II. There were much more Implanting going on. The whole sequence of Implants took 36 days.

Most of this was transmitted as 3D super-large screen motion pictures. The content would cover space travel, space opera, god and devil, on and on. We have a full record of what was used. There would be about a picture for each word in the sequence. The whole incident, as mentioned, took 36 days.

Assembly Areas
When it was over the Thetans were boxed up again and they were transported to two main areas, called assembly areas. One was on Hawaii and one on Las Palmas.

Here The BTs from various of the volcano explosions were mixed up or spliced together into Clusters.

R6 Implants
We call the totality of these Implants of Incident Two for the R6 Implants. R6 stands for 'Routine Six' which is a process that enabled us to get an insight in all this. The process is not part of Pre-OT III or the other Pre-OT Levels but is simply how we got to know about all this and thus the name stuck.

You will find the entirety of the symbols used in Roman Catholicism, god, devil, crucifixion, etc. etc. are all contained in R6.
(and thus we often see religious fanatism lead to disaster. Editor). 

You will find symbols and odd cultural habits can be traced back to R6. Many powerful symbols in today's society do not derive their power from any other source than they were part of the R6 Bank.  

You will find that part of the trickery of Incident Two is false suggestions, about four or five different reasons given, four or five different starts, for what caused all this to come about. This makes it harder to As-is as BTs gets confused about the whole thing and give up confronting it, or they find the "beginning" except the beginning they found is part of the actual incident. But what happened was, that they got assembled at those two assembly places and were blown up once more into space and oblivion.

The Planets and Teegeeack
Each of the 76 inhabited planets of the Confederacy had a very high population. One of the things Xemu was trying to "solve" was overpopulation. Each planet had a population of an average of 178 Billion people. Teegeeack's population is estimated to have been 250 billion inhabitants at the time of Incident Two.

After this whole ordeal had run its course Earth was an uninhabitable and uninhabited planet for millions of years. It was known as the evil place. It got this terrible reputation to other space societies in this part of the universe.

If you do archeological digs on planet Earth you will at some point hit a layer of green glass. This layer was a result of the extreme heat of the atomic explosions.

To overcome Incident Two on an individual basis it isn't really necessary to run all of Incident Two. When you find Incident One (the very first incident on the Time-track of a Being) and run it out the situation is remedied case-wise as the Being (BT) will realize that he is mocking it all up. It is his own action of keeping it mocked up that in the final analysis has to be remedied. Once he realizes that it will destimulate and cease to have an effect on him.

But as things are we have to deal with Incident Two to get to Incident One on a consistent basis. We cannot just ignore it and hope it will go away.

So we have Incident Two. There are the volcanoes being blown up and then there are pictures of volcanoes being blown up. It is a lot of trickery of real events and pictures of similar events and it is hard to make up what is what.

What did happen was, the guy was in a box and it was blown up. Loyal Officers of Teegeeack were caught here and they were chained to tops of buildings and when the bombs went off these Loyal Officers were whirled into space by the fantastic winds the explosions generated. Everybody on the planet were killed and things then settled down.

About three days after these explosions the Implants started. But there were all these pictures of explosions, all these false explosions and this was all part of the trickery.

What this  trickery of R6 was really designed to bring about was to make the individual cease and desist from creation and to knock out overpopulation.
This was one of the big ideas they had, that if they just did all this, then they would get rid of all the overpopulation.

The target was the second dynamic (sex and family). So we find all kinds of second dynamic suppression in R6. Obsession with having sex with children (pedophiles) was installed at the time and law enforcement is to this day dealing with individuals dramatizing that and many other things. It was 'taught' in R6.

The whole Implant setup was a huge Hollywood production machine. There were motion picture studios making this stuff. The movies would even have credits to writers, actors and so on.

They could create holograms where persons could appear as real persons in the middle of the room in 3-D. When it came to the mind, however, their knowledge was only limited and is surpassed by the technology of Scientology™.

Teegeeack Avoided
When it came to Planet Earth or Teegeeack this complete disaster created a 75 million years vacuum in civilization. The place got such a bad reputation, such an atmosphere of evil surrounding it so it was avoided by space travelers and only occasionally used as a refuge  by mutineers and deserters that knew that the planet would be safe for them as nobody would want to go here to look. Sometimes it was used as a place to offload criminals to.

It was a planet with a very bad reputation as was the most of this section of the universe due to the same holocaust of Incident Two.

New Body Line
About 20 million years ago a new body line was started up on this planet.

Due to the ill effects of Incident Two civilization on this planet started out as a caveman civilization and stayed on that track. It has slowly moved forward to an approximation of the content of R6. That is what we call progress. The technology and all has just slowly moved in that direction. The civilization has closely been monitored by what R6 dictated it to become.

One thing that R6 'taught' the civilization was to kill anyone who tried to undo the damage. To kill any savior-to-be.

Anyone who would try to save the world would in short order be killed by the mob.

The civilization seems to respond like clockwork to the symbols of R6. Reason and good arguments are usually wasted. The mob responds to nothing else than R6 symbols.

Being aware of that you can change things by occupying successful symbols of R6 and leave alone wrong or loosing symbols of R6. If you look to the mob as someone who wants to "save the world" you won't get far. The mob will be under orders from R6 to slaughter you.

The Roman Catholic Church somewhere along the line picked up successful symbols of R6 and were capable of moving forward.

The Fate of Xemu
Xemu's first objective was to wipe out his primary political enemy, the Loyal Officers. He did not succeed in this by a long shot. Plenty of loyal Officers were capable of holding out and preserve enough military and fighting power to mount an effective counter attack on Xemu and his men. Some planets weren't affected by Xemu's attacks and some Loyal Officers weren't found or hit by the initial attacks.

These Loyal Officers mounted a counter attack on Xemu and his army of inefficient renegades.

These pursuing battles caused more destruction of the Empire. Cities and whole continents were wiped out. Some planets became uninhabitable.

Within a year this counter attack on Xemu, his administrators, troops and renegades had turned the situation around and Xemu himself was arrested. Within six years his whole party and organization was wiped out.

The Loyal Officers had won in the end but with tremendous losses for all. The Empire itself was no more.

The Loyal Officers took Xemu and his closest collaborators and imprisoned them in the center of a mountain. They were placed in a wire cage which was charged with an eternal battery.

But the whole civilization was lost. It was not possible to maintain standards of living. Things could not be manufactured, repaired or replaced. The whole Empire and the whole civilization disappeared from history.

When anyone rises up and says that something should be done about this, when anybody says he wants to save the planet he will immediately be met with a solid resistance. This is all part of the R6 Bank's dictate.

You can get around this to some extent by occupying symbols that demands compliance. You have to work these symbols adroitly to get anywhere.

You have got to present yourself as being in charge, as owning the planet to get any cooperation.

(Ron Hubbard tried to make use of these symbols in different ways. The main symbol for Dianetics™ was the erupting volcano, which is right on the cover of his first book on the subject. The Sea Organization uses the symbols of the Loyal Officers, uniforms and so on. Other symbols presumably from R6 are used as book covers of various of Ron Hubbard's books. Cave man, Judge, Psychiatrist, Transport of boxes in spaceships, etc. The Editor.)

The symbol of the erupting volcano is understood unknowingly by the public. It does not restimulate as the public's awareness is below being restimulated. The psychiatrist is all over in the R6 Implants. The psychiatrist is the engineer behind it all. Today people are likely to accept all kinds of outrageous and inhuman treatment from their successors as humanity is conditioned to turn the blind eye to this outrageous behavior and accept it as "treatment".

You won't really find the medical doctor in R6 except surgeons that happily cut people to shreds.

Crucifixion is rampant in R6. Everybody got crucified. Crucifixion was also a common way of execution for centuries before year zero (before Christ) of our times. The Romans used it.

In other words it was a highly charged symbol before it ever became part of Christianity. People, seeing a person being crucified, could not but feel compassion and sympathy for that character. 

Colds and Sickness Implants
There are certain circumstances that make people ill for very little good reason. It is because it touches on Implants from R6. Lying in the rain is in R6. Consequently people get colds from becoming wet in the rain but not from taking a shower or bath. The cold symptoms are a restimulation of the conditions of frozen alcohol-glycol mix they were subject to.

Some of the Implants in R6 - notoriously given at one of the volcanoes in Japan - had a whole timetable for when to get sick. The Implant told people to get sick at the age of five, again at ten, etc., etc. Lots of sickness dictated in such sickness Implants.

Body age of 70 was also dictated in the Implants. The Implants taught people death. 70 isn't really a biological fact. At the time of Incident Two people got a lot older. The Implants taught people amnesia and to forget all about whole-track or earlier incarnations.

Contaminated Sector
Incident Two wasn't by far the first or the last time Implants were done in this universe. But R6 is probably one of the longest and most vicious Implants in this part of the universe.

For one thing, there was a lot of highly developed technology involved in the design and delivery of the R6 Implants.  

(Obviously this was a highly developed technology at the time. According to the Pilot (Ken Ogger) it was a big trade; somewhat like arms trade today. Not highly respected but in high demand on the black market by people in power or seeking power. Editor).

With OT Level III we are engaged in breaking up this mass Engram. No universe is safe where such practices are done.

We are making headway in the area of taking this apart and we have to continue to do so or we may never again have the chance.

The atomic explosion in R6 makes it a probability that unless handled such an explosion will be repeated. So we are in a race whether we like it or not.

Auditing and R6
"Now realize when you are auditing a PC, for God sakes, that you are auditing against this background. You are auditing against the background of tailor made sickness. Auditing against a background of this, of that, of the other thing.
Now the Grades take one very smoothly up this line. But you are auditing basically a sick PC. Why? He's an earth man. So, what do you do? Standard tech
. Follow the line. Go right on up the groove. Because these are the things which stand in the road of any Thetan. Not just the people of this planet. But accidents happen in other zones and places.
Something blows up, and five or six Thetans who are in a train together, or the space wagon, and after that think of themselves as just one Thetan and get all smashed together and stay that way for a while. Somebody kills another body, in a dual, and the owner of the second body is so revengeful that he promptly jumps on the first guy and this guy is now a dual Being, who sort of hates

Stopping Things
A Thetan goes mad at an exact point where he begins to obsessively stop things. So therefore the Button "stop" is very important to remember in running Incident One and Incident Two. Because it will be the point that makes and breaks his sanity. You will routinely have to get the Button 'Stop' in before the incident starts to run. The 'Stop' prevents any incident from running forward.

Incident One and Incident Two are not all there is to a case. But they sit there and are huge and when they are taken apart you are over the hump. 

But you have to handle a case by going up the line and don't try to rush it.

There are other trick incidents on the track but what you always will find having a profound influence on cases here on this planet is Incident Two. Incident One is a common denominator for all Beings in this universe but is run, in part, as that is how you handle Incident Two on a permanent basis.

But just take your Preclear up the Grades one by one and then take him up through the Pre-OT Levels and through Level Three and you have taken him a huge step out of the trap and fool-proofed him in many ways against future disasters.

Summary by editor.


© Prometheus International, 2004. Plus fair use quotes from Ron Hubbard's published notes and works.