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Pilot on Incident One

by The Pilot (alias Ken Ogger).

4.6 Handling Implants
These platens are not so hot or dangerous as the Church of Scientology™ believes. Nonetheless, you might occasionally get yourself restimulated or upset or even sick while slopping around carelessly with Implant platens. If worse comes to worse, the restimulation will fade out after awhile (hopefully in a few days). But it's good to have some tricks for cooling these things down immediately.

One trick that often works if you get in trouble in the middle of running any incident or Implant is to spot the beginning. On an Implant, this means spotting the first item again, or spotting events leading up to the first item.
The general way to cool down an Implant in restimulation is to spot something earlier which undercuts the Implant and which does not itself have a lot of kick to it. This will generally pull you right out of the Implant and get you feeling better. Usually you only have to spot the thing a few times, so it works very quickly.

Ron himself came up with the idea of spotting what he called incident 1 to cool down and undercut incident 2 on OT III. Incident 1 is at the "beginning of time" just before you come into this universe (which means its actually very late in your existence) and it has a charioteer and cherub etc. and should be fairly easy to spot in a vague sort of way.
That is good enough to cool down any of the Implants used in this universe. He didn't even have the real anatomy and details of the incident (see my write-up on actual GPMs) but just about any piece of the incident is enough to snap you out of any later Implants.

But if you start trying to research the magic universe which existed before this one, Incident 1 will not serve because it is later. There is a similar (but different) incident at the start of the magic universe which can be used instead. I don't have the details, but it seems to include a sort of Arabian ship floating in the water and various terminals, including a sorcerer (or wizard) holding a glowing crystal ball, which come floating over the water towards you from the ship. If you can find that image of the sorcerer, just spotting it will pull you out of Implants done subsequently.

When you get way back on the track, you need to spot the top of the penalty universes, which is the item "To create is native state" (see my write-up on the penalty universes of the home universe era).
Going even earlier, there is being part of a crowd rushing into agreement, going
through the inverted golden pyramid, and getting the item "To agree is native state" at the beginning of the agreements universe.
Or, (earliest), spot entering the jewel of knowledge. But that one's hard because there were so many false jewels which are later on the track (including a mockup of the jewel that is used in the penalty universes after the native state item). For a beginner, the more recent ones are probably easier to spot. Use whatever works.

Note that spotting these things does not run out the later Implants. They simply are powerful enough to snap your attention out of a later Implant, and can do it at a deep enough level (e.g. not just the surface but way down into the "subconscious") to push the Implant out of restimulation.

The problem with Implant items is that they tend to be a bit "sticky" and encourage you to compulsively create them if they get into restimulation. And they often have enough somatics (pains and sensations) associated with them that they can make you feel unpleasant. But the things described above are actually stickier and will push the Implant item out of the way. And since these are entry point (beginning of universe) experiences, they don't have a lot of somatics or misery sitting there. They do tend to make you create this universe compulsively, but you're doing that anyway, so its just increasing your awareness of what you're already doing. Eventually, as you get control
over one of these and cease to be compulsive about the creation, you can shift to an earlier one and begin working with that.

I don't think you can do the whole route by simply running entry points (like the above) alone, but it sure makes it easy to fool around with Implants etc.

4.7 Handling Entities

If an entity of some sort gets stirred up or shows up or grabs your attention in some way, the first thing to realize is that they generally have very little ability to affect you. It is you, not them, who mocks up your Bank, your somatics, your emotions, and your existence. All they can generally do is stir things up and remind you of things that are disturbing.
First and foremost, hold your position in space and face up to these guys.
The most useful techniques are:
a) Point to the Being you divided from (discussed at greater length in the write-up on "Divide and Conquer").
b) Have them spot the various entry points discussed in section 4.5 above.
c) NOTs techniques. Especially, simply asking "Who Are You" and coaxing them into answering "Me".
In the rare case that a full Being (rather than a fragment) who is between lives shows up, technique b is usually best and they may require a bit more information. If necessary, you can teach them how to use one of these techniques themselves, having them blow off one of their BTs or teaching them how to run out incidents by alternate spotting etc. This is especially useful if you run into somebody who is being some sort of angel or demon and working on some kind of mission, because it helps them out and gets them on your side and they may start helping others with this stuff. Remember that even the ones who are being demons are only doing so because the game has gone rather badly in this universe. 

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I hate to say it, but OT3 was researched in a very slipshod manner. Luckily, we get away with spotting only a tiny piece of incident I because the incident does not have much force or charge on it. It can hardly be considered a heavy Implant. What it really is is a sort of welcoming ceremony or a sick course that people get put through as they come into this universe to show them how the game is setup down here.

Here is the little section of it that I am most certain of: Waves of blackness & Snaps etc. Cherub blows horn.

Priest comes out and says "TO SURVIVE IS TO BE HOLY"
Priest looks in the direction that the previous character left in and says "TO BE
Priest looks the other way an says
Priest exits.
Waves of blackness & Snaps etc.
Cherub blows horn.
Scientist comes out and says "TO SURVIVE IS TO BE INTELLIGENT".
Scientist looks to the side where the priest left and says "TO BE INTELLIGENT IS TO SOLVE THE OPPRESSION OF HOLY PEOPLE".
Scientist looks to the other side and says
Scientist exits.
Waves of blackness & Snaps etc.
Cherub blows horn.
Athlete comes out and says "TO SURVIVE IS TO BE STRONG".
Athlete looks to the side where the scientist left and says "TO BE STRONG IS TO
Athlete looks to the other side and says "TO BE STRONG IS TO BE OPPRESSED BY CRAFTY PEOPLE".

Note that I think the next one after strong is "To Be Crafty", but I wouldn't guarantee it.

I also might be wrong about the charioteer and the Goal "To Be Powerful" coming just before the Goal to be holy because I haven't really run that Goal yet either. I am, however, absolutely certain about Holy followed by Intelligent followed by Strong.

I wouldn't try to write out the whole thing because I went through the entire series in a very sloppy manner and I don't have a lot of confidence that I've got it right. I will give you the approximate pattern of Goals that I found, but its up to you to run out the actual GPM that you are stuck in and the one before it and make corrections and adjustments as needed.

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The Pilot, alias Ken Ogger.