Editor's Intro to Section 'More Data' 


When we talk OT III data we are talking about life and history before this planet. This is what is called space opera. We are talking about Galactic politics, space travels, etc.; the things from science fiction as depicted in books and movies. The Star wars movies by Steven Spielberg are the editor's favorite in this genre. Another masterpiece is Isaac Asimov's novel series on Foundation. They both give an accurate picture of societies and civilizations that were, and possibly still are, out there. 

One does not have to adopt a certain account of space opera and its history to audit successfully on Pre-OT III. It's a self-discovery, if anything. One has to be willing to look. We bring here a few pages of Pilot's (Ken Ogger) and Filbert's history book which is fascinating reading. We are not saying it is accurate - or even anything but "fantasy". Earlier we brought L. Kin's account.
Since no evidence can be dug up at this point it is a subjective matter if one can agree with that this is how history went down prior and outside this planet. It is however necessary to be able to 'loosen up' and simply be able to confront and perceive what one finds in his auditing. Only by doing that do we bring about As-is-ness. 

Since As-is-ing pictures and masses is what auditing is all about we simply bring these samples of space opera from different authors as a drill in being willing to see what one sees in his auditing. It is said that history is more dramatic and unbelievable than any fiction story ever made up. Here we wholeheartedly agree. Be willing to see what you see in auditing and look at it closely. This will As-is it and you don't have to worry about whether it was a nightmare, reality or fiction. You can simply let it go, move a few more attention units up in present time and get on with life and living.

The Editor