Readers Restimulation Remedy


When you, whilst reading this text, feel restimulated and get pictures streaming in on you and feel your body going massy, it isnít actually you personally who is restimulated but your BTs. You most likely werenít there when it happened, but they were. When taking walks, doing practical work or "sleeping it offí doesnít help to make you feel better, you must audit them. (This works without an E-meterô, too.)

However, do take vitamin C, E, B 1 calcium and magnesium in large doses. This serves to fortify the body's energy field and keeps the energy impulses produced by "awakened" entities from affecting the Genetic Entity (which would result in sleeplessness and nervousness) 75, 76.

To audit, go back in the text to the sequence steps of Inc.2. Starting with the Capture, go through steps 1 to 6, adding "Go to . . ." to each step. ("Go to the Capture!")

This turns the step into an auditing command and forces the restimulated BTs through the incident. It reduces their charge and makes them disappear (blow).

In all this you must keep a narrow enough beam of attention so youíre dealing with one at a time. Sometimes you wonít get individual BTs but whole Clusters of them. Clusters donít respond as well as BTs because they are many but believe they are one, because they are stuck in the same incident. You can simply ask:

"Is this a BT or a Cluster?" and the reaction will tell you. You will find out that they have "leaders". Address your commands to the leader or "Cluster chiefí and go through the sequence steps as described. The Cluster will fall apart when you get to the step when it was formed. It may be any of the steps 1 to 6.

This is the process:

Good luck!



Auditing Note 1: By adding "Go to... !" to the sequence steps of Inc. 1 (beginning of chapter 2.2, second quotation) you can take a BT through Inc.1 (similar to what you did on Inc.2).

In particular you must direct the BTís attention to the snaps and have it find out what happened during them. This way it will disconnect from the "prefabs" (prefabricated lumps of theta quanta) and be free. It will eventually be "only itselfí and consist of only one brand of theta quanta - those of the original creator. At this point it usually disconnects from you and blows. All the different bits peeled off it will return to their original creators by themselves. (You can intend them to do this as a final clean up.)

Auditing Note 2: When your BT does not blow after running it through Inc. 1 a few times, it obviously isnít quite free to go yet. There are foreign theta quanta and the intentions tied up in them, holding it.

Check for "earlier similar incidents?" or "pre-1 incidents?".

Ask either of these questions repeatedly. Even though you may not get any pictures (too subtle), the BT will be led down a Chain of incidents to the first one and blow.

Auditing Note 3: If your BT did not blow after running the pre-I Chain, he is for sure stuck in a recruitment incident. Just ask for it. "How did you ever come to agree with Xenu?" "When did you first decide to play his game?" He will tell you.

Make sure you have him find the exact moment when he went for Xenuís precious glittery theta quanta, get his contact with the first one of them, get him to spot the admiration he had for Xenu and the postulate he made then. This will free him.

(You arenít auditing a BT any more, actually. You are now in contact with the Thetan "behind" the BT. Whereas the BT was just a dot in space, the Thetan feels big.)

Auditing Note 4: After running your BT through its recruitment incident, you have attained the result that no further foreign theta quanta are attached to it, neither of Xenu nor of others. It is basically itself, meaning that it consists only of one brand of theta quanta - those of the original creator. It may blow now.

But if it is an unhappy BT, it wonít blow. Should its creator have had a loss or failure in an earlier game or an earlier universe, his theta quanta will bear the marks of this and youíll have to audit it.

To remind you: all theta quanta contain an imprint of the emotion and the postulate at the moment of their creation. When you get both and duplicate it exactly, energized theta will vanish and transform itself into static theta. This mechanism makes auditing possible.

Ask: "Failure in an earlier universe?" Get all data and the exact failure including the postulate made ten? Continue with: "Earlier similar failure?"

When this doesnít cause any further response, the aspect of failure has lost interest. Time to look at positive aspects. Give the command: "Go to an earlier universe where you were happy" or "fully causative" or "successfully did your own thing". Get the data and repeat the command if no joyfulness occurs, taking him even earlier.

This is an orientation step to happier times and gives the BT (and its creator) an idea what sort of game he could go back to. It rehabilitates causativeness.

Note that this Chain of "earlier universes?" may go to static and earlier. The really good and successful games of that particular BT or Thetan may have been before static!

As a result of these two commands, the BT (and its creator) will feel relief and the last quanta connecting you with the Thetan behind the BT will finally blow.

Of all steps on this procedure, it will be on this one at the latest that the original BT "becomes" a Thetan. The original BT, witness to all sorts of terrible incidents and dirtied up by foreign theta quanta, is now stripped down to a handful of simple and homogeneous quanta pertaining to a single owner and serving as a communication link between two Thetans: you and him.

You are in touch with a live Thetan "on the other side" of the BT, you are in touch with a Being, and he will be huge. There will be mutual recognition of this circumstance, thankfulness and words of good-by - and then, when the last of his theta quanta has been dissolved, the line will disconnect.

You canít blow a Thetan, you see. You can be in touch with him via a number of dimension points, by an interchange of attention, and you can stop being in touch with him. But you canít "blow" him.

General note: When your BT has blown and you still feel "soupy" around the head, the theta quanta which were disconnected from the BT by the auditing may still be there. The "original BT" has gone but the bits that were added to it during the pre- 1 incidents didnít. Usually these bits (theta quanta) are in a state of disorientation and donít quite know where to go.

Some of them may even be your own. Because it is your own theta power which held the BT in place - in your age-long effort to keep it away!

Stray theta quanta are easy to deal with. Do this:

    1. Locate them. Have your attention scan around like a radar beam and encompass them in your space. They feel like a loose cloud.

    2. Give them the "Two Rights of a Thetan". They apply to all theta, not only to Thetans proper. Each theta quantum suffers when it is stuck somewhere. By its nature theta strives to be static.
    So tell them: "You have the right to self-determinism. You have the right to leave a game."

    This has two obvious implications; add them, too: "You are free to do what you like. You may join your creator and dissolve into the static state. Or you may help in a game of your choice." Repeat these instructions while scanning your space until they cause no further change.

    3. Most of them will have blown now. Allow them to blow inwards, too, i.e. towards you! Because your personal ones will come to you (thatís an inflow), whereas foreign ones will go elsewhere (thatís an outflow). Blocking this inflow may cause new masses!
    Those who donít blow must be stuck in some incident. Either itís the original hoover/spin/energy-sphere incident, or itís a later one. After all, once they were in existence as pre-fabs all sorts of people used them! One Thetan might have lost them and the next one picked them up. You must account for that. The earliest incident of overwhelm is that of hoovering.

    Therefore ask: "Hoovering incident?" and take them through the three steps of hoovering, spinning and storage.

    No response to that, ask: "Stuck in some other incident?" Get all incidents later than the hoovering (complete with the postulates which might have been impressed on them) until none are left, then run the hoovering as the earliest.

This will clean up your space to full brightness.

(Note that the auditing procedure recommended here goes far beyond the original OT III method. It was developed by Bill Robertson in 1985 whilst researching "Excalibur". Note as well that OT III can only be successfully done in combination with OT I and II and if based on the ability called "Clear". The above is only meant to serve as a remedy for the reader.)


© 1994 by L. Kin
© 1994 by Edition ScienTerra



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