The Quest for Basic-basic
- Incident One


Since Ron Hubbard published his first book in Dianetics™ and Scientology™, 'Dianetics' of 1950, he has been looking for the very first Engram a Preclear had ever received. This very first Engram got the technical name Basic-basic. As the theory goes, once Basic-basic was contacted and run out the whole reactive mind would erase. It would result in the full recovery of the Preclear and in the state of Clear.

In the Dianetics™ book Hubbard was looking for the first Engram the embryo had received in the mothers womb. At the time (1950) there was no talk of 'past lives' or 'Whole Track'. Yet, it was a firm axiom of early Dianetics™ that handling of the earliest Engram would result in the state of Clear.

Late 1950 and early 1951 it became however clear, that a Preclear had lived before this life. This started a long research which went further and further back in time.

In a famous Technical Bulletins about the Time-track (May 15, 1963) Hubbard stated this about the track:

"The Time-track is a very accurate record of the PCs past, very accurately timed, very obedient to the Auditor. If motion picture films were 3-D, had 52 perceptions and could fully react upon the observer, the Time-track could be called a motion picture film. It is at least 350 trillion years long (350,000,000,000,000), probably much longer, with a scene about every 1/25 of a second."

The same bulletin repeats that Basic-basic is the very first Engram on the Time-track.

It was clear when running single Chains of Engrams and incidents that one Chain could be taken back to its basic incident and be erased with great benefit. Any complaints, discomforts and somatics stemming from that whole Chain would disappear.


The Illusive Basic-basic
It became however clear that finding Basic-basic was a near impossible task due to the endless character of the Time-track.  At numerous occasions Hubbard thought that he had finally got it - just to discover there were something earlier. One such attempt was finding and auditing what was called The Rock. This type of auditing took place as the main activity in the late 1950s, around 1958. The Rock was supposedly the very first object on the Time-track according to contemporary theory, but again it became clear there were plenty of Time-track earlier.

Around 1965 Hubbard started to deliver the Clearing Course. On the Clearing Course a certain series of Implants (the CC Implants) were audited and this was called Basic-basic. This type of auditing is still in use and leads to Clear. But with the discovery of the full Incident Two data it became clear that the date of the CC Implants was 75 million years ago. Apparently that is not the whole story as some of the R6 Implants weren't first encountered in Incident Two but actually had been used eons before - CC Implants was apparently first used 1 to 1.5 quadrillion years ago - and just repeated in R6 for good measures sake. It is however not clearly stated in the CC Implant materials themselves what the actual date of the Implant is. The OT III materials states the CC Implants are part of Incident Two as well.

In 1978 it was however discovered that finding and running Basic-basic or the CC Implants was not necessary in order to go Clear. Thus it is at this point not relevant if the CC Implants were the first incident on the track or not. It was discovered that Preclears in great numbers actually achieved this state during running Engrams on Dianetics™. It became clear that most Preclears at some point, while running Engrams, would experience a huge relief accompanied with a Clear Cognition and that that in fact was a valid state of Clear.

In a confidential Technical Bulletin of 1978 Ron Hubbard states: "Clear occurs when one stops mocking up Bank, or realizes he is doing it. A Clear has perhaps not entirely lost the automaticity of mocking up mass. But at least he knows he's putting it there and practice increases his general reality. The State of Clear, when the person has erased his own pictures or Bank, can occur prior to doing the Clearing Course. It can occur on Dianetic auditing, especially New Era Dianetics™."

Don't Use Dianetics™ after Clear
Continuing Engram running past this point was apparently possible, but what was really run was not the Preclear's mental image pictures or Engrams but those of his Body Thetans. The Preclear at that point had As-is-ed his Reactive Bank and all the mental image pictures it contained. The point where the Preclear had experienced his great relief and Clear Cognition had to be rehabilitated as a valid state of Clear; any further running of Engrams was found to be risky and eventually declared forbidden.

Today it is a firm rule not to audit a Pre-OT (Clear and above) on any Dianetics™. It has been established that what was run were the Engrams of BTs and Clusters and it could lead to all kinds of misownership and complications. When going earlier similar there was no guarantee that one would still audit the same Being. Another BT might have stepped in and offered a similar incident, leaving the first BT in place and loaded with by-passed charge.

Repeater Technique
Repeater Technique - originally a Dianetics™ technique - was more successful after Clear. It is the basic technique of CC and Pre-OT II. Since the Solo-auditor is not going earlier similar and basically doesn't care about ownership it has proven successful to get the charge off of whatever BT or Cluster responds when the technique is used. The Repeater Technique is just kept up until all available charge is gone and the Implant command flattened. 

Incident One
Ron Hubbard's thesis of finding the earliest Engram on the track equals Clear is however finally put to good use in the Pre-OT III materials. It works when we handle single unit Beings. After any Clusters contacted has been taken apart each single BT still hanging around is picked up by the Solo-auditor and is sent to its Incident One, the very first incident on that single BTs Time-track in this universe. When the BT has gone through this incident once or a couple of times it will cognite and blow off with an F/N showing on the Meter. The date of Incident One is 4 quadrillion years ago, plus/minus. It varies from Being to Being. It's way before Incident Two and way before the original date of the Clearing Course Implants, whose original date now seems to be 1-1.5 quadrillion years ago; this, apparently, also varies from Being to Being.

The Editor

From Technical Dictionary: BASIC-BASIC, 1. this belongs in Scn, not Dn. It means the most basic basic of all basics and results in clearing. It is found on the Clearing Course. (HCOB 23 Apr 69) 2. the first Engram on the whole Time-track. (HCOB 15 May 63) 3. any similar circumstance repetitive through a person’s Whole Track has a first time it occurred and that first time that it occurred we call Basic-basic. (SH Spec 69, 6110Cl9)

From Technical Dictionary: ROCK, THE, 1. was something which we audited for and assessed out, meaning a shape of something which we could then run a process on. We at that time were running on the theory that it was the first object the fellow had made on the track. (SH Spec 83, 6612C06) 2. that which a person has used to reach people or things with and is determined in value by its creativeness or destructiveness. It is simply a reach and withdraw mechanism which makes a ridge and this causes the stick of the needle. The rock is an object not a significance. (HCOB 29 Jul 58)

From the Dianetic book of 1950: The Dianetic Auditor should determine beforehand in any case whether he wishes to attempt a release or a clear. He can achieve either with anyone not organically insane (missing or seared portions of the brain bringing about insanity, mainly genetic or iatrogenic and relatively rare except in institutions). But he should make an estimate of the amount of time he can invest in any one person and regulate his intention accordingly and announce it to his patient. The two goals are slightly different. In a release one does not attempt entrance into phases of the case which will or may bring about a necessity of long work and gives his attention to the location and release of emotional charge. In clearing the Auditor gives his attention to the location of the Basic-basic Engram, the discharge of emotion and the entire Engram Bank.

The Engram Bank is best attacked primarily by discharging its emotional charge anywhere it can be contacted. After that it is best attacked by finding out what the Preclear, in reverie, thinks would happen to him if he got well, got better, found out, etc.

And then is most and always most important, in any way possible, to contact the primary moment of pain or unconsciousness in the patient’s life. This is Basic-basic. Once an Auditor has Basic-basic, the case will swiftly resolve. If the Preclear’s reactive mind is suppressing Basic-basic, then the Auditor should discharge more reactive emotion, discover the computation now in force, and try again. He will eventually get Basic-basic. That’s important. And that is all that is important in a Preclear.