Editor's Foreword

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the materials brought in this report.

We covered some of this in the introduction. There is however more that should be said on why we find this should be published to a wider audience.

According to the original researcher, Ron Hubbard, it should be kept under the strictest security. The materials could to the unprepared user, according to Mr. Hubbard, be dangerous to read as it could lead to illness of various kinds. Mr. Hubbard mentions pneumonia and pathological sleeplessness leading to death.

In being around these materials for 30 years the editor has not seen any deaths caused by the materials. We have seen illness such as colds, coughs and extreme discomfort being caused to people who were almost ready but not quite. To the completely unprepared it has usually only caused disbelief and rejection.

We compare the effects these materials can have with the effects a vaccine can have in medicine. It contains the disease in diluted but not a lethal dose.

It is more likely that the continued 'highly classified - secret' status these OT Levels had within the Church of Scientology™ was part of the organizational structure. It makes an initiation process necessary, with the status that follows, when going up these OT Levels. 

As an aside, the same 'Secret' status has actually caused that somebody thought they could get away with not really teaching students well but simply give them a sheaf of the original handwritten notes without bothering to explain things. This has been remedied in this report. We have provided full glossary and a coherent text based on the published notes and practical teaching experience. 

The basic materials have actually for years circulated on the Internet, in newspapers, etc. mainly held up as being a ridiculous account of the past of Planet Earth and possibly a proof of how mad anyone coming up with this or believing it has to be. Science has repeatedly told us that Man comes from mud and it all came about as a random result of physical events among molecules.

For anyone who has done any research of the Whole Track through auditing it has however become clear that the past of Man is much more fantastic than science wants us to believe and even more fantastic than the wildest fiction. It takes courage to dive into one's own distant past, whether through simple recall or Engram running or under guidance of reports like the Prometheus Reports.

There is relatively little in print about the events described in the present report. We have therefore chosen to include all we could lay our hands on and legally publish. This may have resulted in some repeats. Should the student of this report at the same time have access to do the auditing it comprises however good reading. It is stimulating and maybe re-stimulating but will help him in his auditing. Used in auditing we recommend using Ron Hubbard's approach. This simply because it is fully tested and proven safe. Hubbard's approach includes that the student does not audit any of this on his own, but only under competent supervision and after he has attained the state of Clear and completed Advanced Level Two.


The Editors