Freezone Earth

Public Issue

Technical Bulletin of 27 April 2000


       Iíve been putting together the Super Power rundowns and a few thoughts came up along the way. There are some aspects of tech development that were never written up.

       One is that the tech is developed from the viewpoint of having the result. Today I have so far written up the Completion R/D (added), the Source Beingness R/D and the Infinity R/D. It occurred to me that I was writing up the later rundowns first.

       So, like auditing, development is principally from the higher viewpoint, not the lower.

       I have to confess to a serious blunder in the early 50s which has delayed the progress of Scientology considerably. Due to missing technology which was later developed I came to the conclusion that one could not audit toward a no-game condition. That law is withdrawn and its withdrawal makes the rundowns of Super Power possible. Many of the Super Power rundowns audit toward a no-game condition but it is workable as Iím sure youíll see when you get your PCs running on it!

       Iíve deleted Introspection by Dynamics as it doesnít really align with the other rundowns. Itís a high powered R/D that I put together back in Ď74 and Iím not sure really where it belongs now. Its too much of a focus on negativity and tends to kick in the NOTs case.

       Iím looking at 2 new rundowns - Spacation by Dynamics and the Fear of Success R/D.

       But as Iím sure you are all used to by now - with Ron change is the stable datum.

       As Iíve said this all needs working out in more detail and what Iím issuing now is in beta versions.

       Iím sure Tommy is having fun running this stuff solo but that is not recommended unless you are in very good shape. It might well work for well trained OT7s but not for clears.

       Someone mentioned internet auditing with a C-meter. Iíd have to have a look at this thing. It might be possible with a PC you are already in good comm with. I would go for building things up so that you have an affluence of co-auditors. But, in their absence, any auditing is better than no auditing.

       Thanks to Robert for taking up R3XD. Its not an easy job. If someone created a list for discussion on tech points that would be appreciated. However it would have to be a low volume list as I donít wish to commit to regular comm. I would have to create a very secure anon email account. Any offers from private list providers would be appreciated.