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     I want to give you some data now that originated in the unpublished book "Excalibur". It should shed some light on problems that OTs may be experiencing after NOTs and OT8.

     The book itself was somewhat fatalistic in that it stated much about the problems of mankind but offered no practical therapy.

     Essentially the material here relates to levels above OT8 but needs to be stated so that those at lower levels may be aware of the phenomena and not misassign causation.

     As I said in "Dianetics", the dynamic principle of existence is SURVIVAL. That principle can be subdivided into the 8 dynamics.

     On attaining the state of Clear a person begins to perceive and become subject to the banks of entities. It is therefore necessary for them to audit the Pre-OT levels to clean up their space. OT8 is intended to get a person back in valence and should really include the old OT 4 rundown. NOTs is not something that one completes as an absolute. One will need to use its tools as one continues the upper levels. What is necessary to attest is a clear space for some 10 yards around a person.

     The reactive mind was considered at some point on the early track to be a necessary adjunct to survival. "Excalibur" went into the nature and dramatizations of this impulse and discussed the aberrations of the upper dynamic banks.

     These banks need to be addressed on the levels above OT8.


     That is the principle from "Excalibur". Before the development of Dianetics there was no hope for its resolution.

     One can get into these upper dynamic banks on running Dianetics with OTs. To erase these engrams it is necessary to expand one's session space to include the individuals participating in that dynamic. The principle of postulate off equals erasure applies however it is necessary to get the postulate made AS that dynamic at the time of the incident in addition to any individual postulates. One would also look for and spot any postulates on included dynamics. Thus on running a 3rd dynamic engram one would spot the postulates as the third dynamic and the postulates as the various second dynamics as well as any individual postulates.

     A very well trained auditor is necessary for auditing through the upper dynamics thus the prerequisite of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

     One is auditing the living lightning of interpersonal aberration. Were a few to start on these levels without the support of large and stable groups then they would run into problems with the pressure of charge from those in their environment. They could find themselves individuating more and more as occurred with me at the end of my last lifetime while researching this material.

     There is no longer room for individuation of OTs. I expect every solo auditor to be active in building up their local orgs. Those orgs are the support groups you will need while treading the long road through these arduous levels.

     There is no personal secluded path to OT. The running of the upper levels is the Clearing of the planet and of this sector.

     Build up your local orgs. Get through your solo levels and the Briefing Course. Super Power will stabilize the orgs to a point where OT9 and 10 can be released in the next few years.

     Good luck!


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